Customer Success Advisor

Going beyond Customer Success, PlusPlus Advisory is the program where we provide strategic guidance to our customers. It is a partnership where we help customers build their internal knowledge sharing. In turn, they help us shape our roadmap. As an advisor, you are the conduit between the customers and the product.


What is that you do

You sit between the customer and the product. As such, you’re one part Customer Success Manager, one part Support Engineer, and one part Product Manager. Functionally, you resemble a Technical Program Manager.

It’s a lot to ask from one person so here’s the breakdown of some of the day-to-day activities for this role:


Own Customer Relationship

You build relationships with the customers. They start thinking of you as an extended part of their team. You want them to win. That requires deeply understanding customer’s business to know where we can help.

To do this, you set up regular weekly sync meetings with the customer team. Your goal is for them to consider you an expert. Through these team meetings, you learn about their priorities and can come up with your insights on how to best address them.

Prior experience in Learning & Development helps but it’s not required.


Guide Product Roadmap

You guide product roadmap. What goes in our product is inspired by our customers’ ideas. You learn where they want to make progress and you organize this in the backlog for the product team to implement. You help prioritize the backlog, and through that, you help manage the product roadmap.

This means you manage customer backlog. You understand the internals of the product enough to be able to create the tasks for the engineering and the design team to work off of. After all, you’re the eyes and ears for the product team. So, expect to work closely with the designers and engineers.


Educate Customers

You educate the power users. As the product evolves, you help bring the latest capabilities to the customers and help them leverage the product to improve the knowledge sharing experience for their people. This could be in person, or in a form of docs, videos, or however you choose to communicate.

To do this, you own release notes which you use to inform power users of new features. There’s something new almost every week. You also own the docs. This helps you explain to a lot of users how complex features work. Or, you may prefer to create small videos and such. It’s up to you.


Nurture The Community

As more companies care about how to manage knowledge sharing at scale, you help guide that conversation. PlusPlus is the founding member of This is an example of enabling such conversation for all.

You may want to spearhead that community by injecting yourself into it. Be it via LinkedIn posts, Meetups, or chairing the full-blown TechKnowCon conference, you help bring together the experts in the field and have them join the conversation.


Make Product Improvements

If you so feel inclined, you can make minor changes to the product itself and deploy those changes. This requires understanding the technology and gives you the opportunity to get your hands dirty with the code.

Our stack is based on React/Redux and Python/Django. You may feel adventurous enough to make minor cosmetic changes yourself. We have enough of guardrails in place to make sure you don’t shoot yourself in the foot.


You win when customers win

You’re advocating for the customer. They took the chance of PlusPlus and our goal is that they win. Here are a couple of indicators to chase:



While we can help you learn many of the domain-specific skills, there are some fundamental characteristics that would make you a perfect fit for this role.



You are naturally curious and you like to learn. You care about customer domain and how might we get better at knowledge sharing at scale. You demonstrate your intelligence by how quickly you learn and make sense of things.



You’re a relationship builder. You’re in this for the long run. You care about creating long-term trust with your partners. You demonstrate empathy by pointing to other relationships where you added substantial value to others.



You break complex issues into manageable components so you can tackle complex problems. You’re organized and there’s a definitive clarity of your thinking. You show good reasoning skills.  To demonstrate your analytical skills, you show how you’d approach a complex problem. Again, the approach to thinking here is more important than the solution.



You understand technology. This doesn’t mean that you know a particular language or that you can code, but rather understand how things relate to one another. A good way to demonstrate the understanding of technology is the ability to explain how things work through a narrative of just drawing lines and circles.



You own the outcome of what you sign up for. You lead a change and make things happen. You demonstrate ownership by pointing to other prior success if life, even if it’s totally unrelated to this particular opportunity.


How to Apply

If you think this opportunity is for you, email directly and tell us why this sounds interesting.