Marketing Manager

Define the Future of Learning & Development

Lead Tech L&D Category

PlusPlus was born on the insight that Learning & Development at tech-enabled companies is different. We created the TechKnowCon community to bring together L&D leaders from other tech companies to compare the notes with one another. We celebrated their success with the PlusPlus via our own Lunch & Learn series. We shared their stories in IDEAS Magazine.

This is our approach to connecting with the L&D community. Now, we’re looking for the right person to take it further. 

Objectives for Marketing Manager

The goal of Marketing is to generate qualified leads and make the product easier to buy. To do this, the right people need to be aware of PlusPlus. They need to easily understand what it does and how they can win with it. 

We’re looking for the person to create awareness for how PlusPlus can transform a company’s Learning & Development. Make it easy for prospects to understand the benefits and engage with us on their buying journey.

The Ideal Candidate

Your track record is important. You have led marketing efforts before. You have created and managers thought leadership and performance marketing campaigns. You’re creative and analytical. 

We have a culture by design and we look for people that fit it. Our core values are about being Humble, Hungry, and Smart. 

If this is of interest, please say hello and we’ll reach back to you.