Help Our Customers Win

Who We Are

PlusPlus helps innovative, high-growth companies — such as Netflix, HubSpot, LinkedIn, and Roblox — unlock high-performance through shared understanding. Thanks to our tech enablement methodology and our SaaS-based platform, our customers are able to boost their:

  • Speed to Productivity – by creating deliberate onboarding
  • Alignment – by capturing and socializing best practices
  • Retention – by creating a culture of peer-to-peer development
  • Scale – by avoid the organizational drag
  • Innovation – by breaking the silos and unlocking ingenuity

Who You Are

  • You love helping your customers win
  • You take pride in advocating for your customers
  • You enjoy learning more about your customers’ objectives and struggles, and guiding them towards best-practice solutions
  • You enjoy troubleshooting issues, even when it means going deep down the rabbit hole
  • You are capable of receiving multiple issues and effectively prioritizing them
  • You are trustworthy, reliable, and you cross the finish line
  • You are effective in what you do, constantly looking for ways to improve how you and your team work
  • You are tech-savvy – you love to tinker with new tech and coach others doing the same
  • You are hungry, humble, and smart.

What You’ll Do

  • Know our product inside-out, so that you can answer questions about it
  • Respond promptly and engage with customers through chat/ticketing system, VC, Slack, or email
  • Deeply understand your customer use-cases and pain points, and offer them guidance and direct support
  • Think creatively about technical issues and find ways around showstoppers
  • Stay current on our roadmap and what’s coming out soon
  • Capture and share best practices, so that we can preempt the need for support
  • Help onboard new customers
  • Work closely with our Customer Success and Engineering teams
    • Capture and escalate bugs and feature requests
    • Help prioritize existing issues
    • Offer guidance on how to improve the product experience

Skills and Qualifications

  • A passion for solving problems
  • A way with words that makes technical topics easy to understand
  • A keen eye for getting to the root cause of an issue
  • A love of helping people and building relationships
  • An ability to manage multiple needs and keep them all on track
  • An ability to think logically, abstractly, and analytically
  • A strong ethos towards helping the team and customers win
  • Prior experience in SaaS environments

Preferred Qualifications

  • A working knowledge of command-line like Bash
  • A working knowledge of scripting languages like Python
  • A working knowledge of SQL
  • A working knowledge of REST/GraphQL
  • An understanding of the systems development life cycle (SDLC)
    • Bonus points for familiarity with agile methodologies, such as Scrum

How to apply

To apply, email your resume with a brief description of why you think this is the right fit. We’d love to learn more about your background and will ask you for ideas on how you’d go about prospecting and engaging leads. We’re looking forward to getting to know you.

This opportunity is remote-first with the expectation that you can attend occasional team meetings in our SF HQ.