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“Measuring the Level and Maturity of Your Onboarding Program”

Wednesday, Sep. 22 at 11am PT / 2pm ET

New Hire onboarding at Microsoft has continued to mature with additional thought, processes and efforts being placed for improving the onboarding programs not only at the company level but also within smaller groups. The later gives groups a lot more flexibility in defining a program to best cater to their new hires needs. However, it does raise an interesting new challenge – these groups working independently are finding it hard to gauge their programs for quality, maturity and to understand where there are gaps.

Swati and her team are piloting a new tool called ‘Program Maturity Model’. Their goal is to enable programs to get a baseline, gauge maturity of their existing programs as well as get guidance on ways to evolve and mature them. Join us to learn best practices to gauge programs’ maturity to improve your onboarding program’s overall health.