Customer Onboarding

Your journey from start to launch

As with a flight, a takeoff is the most delicate time and we want to make sure we get it right. Below is our typical set of steps. Yet, we remain nimble as every engagement is different.


Together, we establish the project team and the plan relative to your challenges, priorities, and timeline. We agree on our check-in meetings and the best way to be on the same page.


You may have existing content and data, systems that we want to integrate with, and various stakeholders. We want to understand all that will go into a successful deployment at your organization.


While PlusPlus is ready out of the box, there are also hundreds of options for fine-tuning how it looks and feels so that it fits your specific use cases. From Single Sign-On and HR System to Calendar and Slack, there are a few systems we may want to configure the integrations with. Read more about configuration options.


Next, we educate your power users on how to best utilize PlusPlus for their role. We help roll it out to your internal learning teams so that you can democratize learning and not be in the critical path of it all.


Finally, we’re ready to have your teams begin using PlusPlus. Inevitably, things come up and we prepare to rapidly address challenges and celebrate success.