Admins can now define additional filters for their PlusPlus apps. We’ve introduced three flexible filter customizations which can be found under User Menu > Settings > UI Customization > Additional Filters.

There you’ll be able to add up to three additional filters, setting labels and the respective tags you want to add to them. You can also select which apps you want to activate each filter on. Events, Tracks, Coaching and Mentorship are supported.

Creating additional filters

Keep in mind that all of the tags need to be created before being declared as additional filters, otherwise filtering by these won’t work. We will be introducing a Topics dashboard soon, but for now you can go over to any create page which contains topics selection fields and type in the name of the topic you want to add. The topic will be created on save. After all the topics you need are created, head over to the custom filters settings page and sort them accordingly.

Defining additional filters

To define additional filters, head over to User Menu > Settings > UI Customization > Additional Filters. Type in the labels you want to use for each one and insert the topics’ names, separated by commas. Then, select which apps you want to activate each filter on.

Notes about the coaching and mentorship apps

Mentorship app

Users will be able to filter mentors by their additional filters in the mentorship app. They will also be able to see mentorship additional filters by heading over to a mentor’s profile. The mentorship additional filters are defined by the User Edit page and are only available to users who are mentors.

Coaching app

Additional filters for coaching look a little different. Coaching filters can be defined in two places. The first one is through the Program creation or edition pages. There you’ll be able to assign additional tags to programs. The programs page currently does not support filtering, so these will only be used for information to the tags that appear in the Program cards.

The second one is through the User Edit page, where Coaches will be able to select filters similarly to the mentorship app. These filters will appear on the Sessions list page, where sessions will be able to be filtered by hosts’ additional filters.

WARNING: If you use both the Coaching and the Mentorship apps, please keep in mind that we favor mentorship tags over coaching ones on the user profile. Please try to maintain toggle parity in the tags you want to activate for coaches and mentors.