Table of Contents:

  1. The Building Blocks
  2. Information Architecture
  3. Events Overview
    1. Event Types
    2. Events: Roles & Actions
  4. Snippets Overview
    1. Tracks
    2. Tracks & Event Types
    3. Tracks: Roles & Actions
  5. Sessions & Programs Overview
    1. Coaching vs Mentorship
    2. Coaching
    3. Mentorship
    4. Sessions: Roles & Actions

The Building Blocks

PlusPlus has three main entities: Events, Snippets, and Sessions

Each one handles a particular learning need that people have in large companies. They can be organized in larger containers and connected through the interface.

* To turn on and off each of these entities in your setup please contact customer support.

Information Architecture

Each of these sections has an interface focused on regular users, where they can see and engage with the events, track, and 1-1 sessions, as well as an area for power-users, who have the ability to create and manage all of our building blocks, perform bulk actions and see data insights on the company’s learning experiences.

Regular user view
Power user dashboard
Information architecture diagram


Events are gatherings of multiple people in a defined time and location.

Events can be classes on a course, workshops, team outings, happy hours, or whatever the people involved want them to be.

An event info page

Event attributes:

(Bold = required information)

  • Organizer
  • Co-organizer(s)
  • Host or Presenter(s) 
  • Topic(s)
  • Location – a specific company office
  • Room or online link
  • Time and Date – one, or multiple if the event occurs over multiple sessions
  • Attendance method – online, in person or both
  • Capacity – number of people who can attend
  • Roster – the list of people enrolled
  • Cover image
  • Description
  • Additional resources – links, embedded google docs

Event formats:

  • One-time
  • Recurring
  • Multiple timeslots

Event Types

Event managers can build events from scratch, or based on an Event Type.

An event type works as both a template for the creation of an event (with preset attributes) and a hub for all upcoming events based on it. Users can browse through event types in the Catalog tab.

If an event manager edits the attributes in an event type, all existing events based on it are updated

Events: Roles & Actions

Paths & pages accessible to regular users
Paths and pages accessible only to power users


Snippets are our most versatile building block, and we designed it to help Learning and Talent Managers organize pieces of knowledge specific to your company.

A snippet can contain

  • Text
  • Images
  • Event Types
  • Embedded content:
    • Video from YouTube
    • Google Slides
    • Google Docs
    • Google Sheets
An example snippet


A series of snippets can be bundled together in a Track, and then assigned to people in your company. Tracks are very useful for onboarding new hires and keeping track of their progress. 

Tracks listing page
Track details page

Tracks & Event Types

Event types can be added to a snippet just like other kinds of embeddable content. 

Once an event type snippet is added to a track, all the upcoming events created from it will appear in that track

Participating in an event can be part of an onboarding experience or a technical course. People can track their own progress by completing the snippet, and also give it a public rating (1 to 5 stars).

Tracks: Roles & Actions


Sessions are one-on-one appointments, designed to stimulate relationships between new employees (mentees/coachees) and senior professionals (mentors/coaches). 

Session attributes

  • Mentor
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Attendance method – online or in person
  • Availability – public or private for a mentee or group
  • Program
  • Mentee (only after the session is booked)

Coaching vs Mentorship

Different companies handle 1-1 talent development in different ways. PlusPlus is built in a way that makes it possible for the experience to be centered around people (Mentorship), or around development paths or programs (Coaching, Office Hours).


When used for Coaching or Office Hours, sessions are contained in Programs (e.g Coaching for Managers, Tech Leadership, etc). 

A program can have sessions from more than one coach, and a coach can provide sessions for more than one program.


On Mentorship module, mentors are front and center. 

Mentees can filter and search for mentors with available time slots and book sessions directly in PlusPlus. Once a session is booked, it’s synced on both the Mentor and Mentee’s Google Calendar.

Mentees can filter and search for mentors with available time slots and book sessions directly in PlusPlus. Once a session is booked, it’s synced on both the Mentor and Mentee’s Google Calendar.

Mentors list page
Mentor details page