Integrating PlusPlus with Degreed

Does your company use the Degreed platform to manage your learning programs? Your admin can connect PlusPlus to Degreed to allow your Degreed users to discover events on our platform.

Connecting Degreed and PlusPlus

Before PlusPlus events can appear in your Degreed feed, as an admin, you will first need to get in touch with Degreed’s support team, in order to receive Client ID and Client Secret credentials. (Please note that it could take a few weeks to hear back from Degreed’s team). Once you have received these, you may then:

  1. Visit the Degreed tab at Menu > Settings > Integrations > Degreed.
  2. Check the toggle Enable Degreed integration. 
  3. Fill both the Degreed Client ID and Degreed Client Secret fields with the credentials given by Degreed’s support.

It may take a little while (usually just a few minutes) for the sync to complete.

Additionally, at the What to push to Degreed? field, you may choose whether: 

  • -all enrollments are going to get pushed to Degreed as completions, or 
  • -only those who have been checked in.

IMPORTANT: Avoid changing this setting AFTER your team starts using the integration. It’s not applied retroactively; it only applies to actions going forward.)

Please note: if your organization has already connected Degreed with PlusPlus, please get in touch with our staff to guide you through this update, as there are some special considerations to account for.

Discovering PlusPlus Events in Degreed

Once this is all in place, when your team creates or updates any events, event types, and enrollments, they’ll sync to Degreed! 

Your users will see the PlusPlus events and event types as courses on Degreed. (In order to fit Degreed’s course model, we fused our events and event types into one object – we distinguish them in Degreed by adding “[Event Type]” before every event type’s title.)

This is what a PlusPlus event looks like on the Degreed system:

This is what a PlusPlus event type looks like on the Degreed system:

Syncing Enrollments and Check-Ins

When a user enrolls in an event (or if they check in to an event, as per the admin setting above), that action gets pushed to Degreed as a completion on the synced course. Likewise, unenrolling/checking out on PlusPlus removes that completion from Degreed.

Please note: The sync from Degreed to PlusPlus is one-way; only changes made on PlusPlus will be ported to Degreed.

  • If your users enroll in an event using the PlusPlus app, that enrollment would appear as a completion on the associated Degreed course. 
  • If your users enroll in a synced course or drop a synced course via Degreed, those changes will not be reflected in PlusPlus.