Emails are important. They remind your people about upcoming classes, waitlist status, feedback and more. We send them automatically when specific things happen.
You can edit these email templates to give them your voice. You can even disable them in certain cases. This allows you to customize the experience that your people have.

Customizable Email Templates
Customizing email templates via Settings / Email Templates screen


Email Rules

You can configure when certain emails go out at the system level via Menu / Settings / Administrative screen.


Email Notifications Settings
Configuring email rules via System / Administrative or Event Types / Settings screens

You can override system email rules at the event type level. That means that certain events may have different rules when to notify attendees of upcoming events, missed events, or to provide the feedback.

Go to Menu / Event Types and click on the settings gear for the event type you want to change settings for. By default, event types inherit their values from the system. If you override these values, it will apply to all the events of that type.