Perhaps you want to publish all PlusPlus events in a Google Calendar so that you can embed this calendar somewhere in your wiki. This is relatively straightforward. There are two steps to it:

1.Create a Google Calendar with PlusPlus events

In PlusPlus, go to your Profile and choose Edit Profile. At the bottom of that page will be a link to ICS URL. Copy that link.

In Google Calendar, choose Add a coworker’s calendar > From URL and paste the ICS URL.

You now have a Google Calendar showing all the events from PlusPlus. It will update automatically.

2. Publish this calendar to another site

In Google Calendar, next to that new calendar, click on Options > Settings. Look forĀ Integrate calendar section. There you’ll find a way to embed this Google Calendar with PlusPlus events.

About Security

Since there’s no way to log in from Google Calendar to PlusPlus, we embed the security token in the ICS URL itself. This token is unique to each person in PlusPlus app. Keep it secure.