What it is and why we built it

As an Organizer looking to learn more about how an event went, I would like to add a link to a survey to an event so that attendees get prompted to complete my survey.

I am not satisfied with just the Feedback and want to be collecting more data. Today, I have to manually send an email to everyone asking them to complete our own survey. It’d be great if PlusPlus can automate that.

I see the value of still having Feedback as a basic baseline rating for an event. For most events, this is all there will be. For others, we would add Survey Link as well.

In the future, I can see having the option to turn off Feedback via UI Customization or EventType Settings but for now, Feedback can always be live and Survey Link is active only if provided.

How it works

In Event Type Settings, organizers can provide an optional link to the survey. If such a link is provided, all events of this event type will feature a “Complete Survey” button after the event is done.

Email Templates, which Admins can customize via Settings / Email Templates, provides the tag to the survey link. This tag allows for conditional formatting for the email template allowing you to drive the attendees to either complete the Feedback or your custom Survey.