How it works

PlusPlus has 5 (five) apps available for the customers: Events, Catalog, Tracks, Programs and Mentorship. Normally we have one tab for each of these apps in our navigation bar. 

Beyond that, we also allow adding custom tabs in the navigation bar pointing to any app using any URL parameters. This is useful if customers want to highlight programs by linking to the program page directly in the nav bar or even if they want to show only a subset of the programs filtered by tag.

How to change your Tabs

PlusPlus still doesn’t support customers changing their Flexible Tabs by themselves so you need to request the change to Customer Success Rep. Please send us a Spreadsheet with the information we need to define which tabs you want active and what is the content of each tab.

The Spreadsheet format should be like:

Tab OrderTab TitleTab ModuleTab Querystring Parameters

The available apps are:

  • Events
  • Catalog
  • Tracks
  • Programs
  • Sessions
  • Mentorship

Each of these apps have their own filtering URL parameters so our recommendation is to explore filtering through the interface and when you find the expected results copy everything on the URL after the question mark character (?). If there’s no question mark character in the URL, your Tab Querystring Parameters column must be left empty.

Special case for Programs Filtering

PlusPlus doesn’t have a way to filter programs through the interface, but, to allow customers filtering programs by tags in Flexible Tabs, we implemented URL filtering. To filter programs by tag you just need to append a ?tags=THE_TAG_YOU_WANT_TO_FILTER_BY to the Programs List URL. The tag must be slug-case, lowercase and spaces replaced by dashes.

It’s also possible to filter by multiple tags at once by adding the `tags` parameter multiple times separated by `&`. Eg.: ?tags=tag1&tags=tag2&tags=tag3. In this case, if you want to create a Flexible Tab with this filter set, your Tab Querystring Parameters column value would be tags=tag1&tags=tag2&tags=tag3.


Example of Flexible Tabs Usage. The Leadership Programs tabs is a flexible tabs that lists only a subset of the Programs lists.

In the example above we marked the programs Coaching for Leaders and Coaching for Managers with the Leadership tag and used the tag to filter programs in a Leadership Programs tab in the nav bar. In this case the spreadsheet should be:

Tab OrderTab TitleTab ModuleTab Querystring Parameters
5Leadership ProgramsProgramstags=leadership