Google Authorization issue

Updated August 23, 2019: Latest update at top

We have recently heard back from Google, and have learned that in order to complete the integration of PlusPlus with your Google Calendar, our app must be white-listed from the client side. See instructions here.

Recently, you may have experienced an issue using the PlusPlus platform. During the event creation process, your browser may give you an error screen, which informs you that this app is not verified.

This error occurs for users who have enabled the Google Calendar integration with PlusPlus. (If you’re not sure about your status here, visit Menu > Settings > Integrations > Google, and see if “Enable Google Calendar Resources for Events” has been turned on.) A recent update has included a data request that was out of the bounds of our original permitted range. When a new organizer first tries to create an event, a request is made to Google that triggers a permissions error, and Google responds with the error screen above.

To resolve this, we have re-applied our app with the expanded permissions, and are currently awaiting their approval. In the meantime, you will encounter this screen when you attempt to create an event, and PlusPlus attempts to connect with your Google Calendar.

The following instructions for a work-around are now obsolete, see update below:

Fortunately, there is a simple process you can use to access PlusPlus again:

From the warning screen, click “Advanced”

On the next screen, click the text “Proceed”

You will then be able to access PlusPlus as normal, and this warning will no longer re-appear.

For more information on Google’s verification process, please refer to:

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes you and your organization. We are working to resolve this issue as fast as possible.

Update: August 5, 2019

While we have not yet received app approval from Google, we do have an important update regarding the situation:

The bypass solution we previously detailed no longer works. Google sets a cap of 100 users who may click past the security warning:

We have just recently reached that limit. Now, any new organizers will trigger a permissions error screen when they first create an event, and they will no longer be able to bypass the warning, and are instead barred from the app:

We recognize that this presents a roadblock to your organization’s usage of our app, as this locks any new organizers out of your system.

At this time, we are still waiting for approval from Google – we began the process over 2 months ago, and have at least received a verification that our app is on the docket for review:

Google still has not been responsive to our requests for information, and at this time we are on the edge of our seats, awaiting their response.

Temporary Solutions

In the meantime, there are two ways to prevent any more users being locked out of the app:

  1. Do not add any more new organizers to your system. Have your existing organizers create any events and sessions needed, as they will continue to have access as before.
  2. Disable your Google Calendar integration. As an admin, go to Menu > Settings > Integrations, and un-check the Enable Google Calendar Resources for Events setting, and click Save at the bottom.
    (Warning: turning off this setting will disable the automatic detection of the rooms available to your organizers, and they will be required to manually enter the room info of any event they create.)

Please hold tight while we wait for the resolution of this issue. We will keep this post updated as more information becomes available.

PlusPlus Customer Success Engineer

Category: Product Author: Date: July 30, 2019 4:08 pm