We are very excited to announce the new PlusPlus GraphQL API! GraphQL is a technology for consuming data from an online service created by Facebook. It is more flexible and powerful than the popular REST API format. Following Facebook, companies like GitHub, Spotify, Shopify, and Yelp have adopted this new standard and PlusPlus is happy to be joining this list. To find out more please refer to the documentation: https://plusplus.co/docs/graphql-api/.

What Changes?

Going forward there will be no updates to our current REST API. Any requests for new features will be attended with updates to the GraphQL API. The REST API will still be available for 1 year (until the end of 2019).

Another change is that starting from January 1st, 2019 we are adding a new limit of 300 records per request for the REST API. Currently, unless explicitly requested, we return all the available items. This change is part of our continuous effort to provide the best service to our customers and contributes to a faster and more reliable platform. Most applications will be able to keep working with virtually no changes while some should be able to comply with the new limits with little effort. Please refer to the PlusPlus API docs for more details or contact us at Support.