You may want to create a track that contains a number of events that people can sign up for in a specific order. A typical use case may be new hire onboarding where there’s a prescribed set of courses to take.

First of, since your track is likely going to persist for a long time, you don’t want to base it on events. They are perishable. Instead, you’d want to embed an event type which would list all possible future events.

Here are the steps to do this:

Create an Overview Snippet

First, create a snippet from Menu / Add Snippet. This could be your overview snippet where you describe who this track is for, for example.

Create a Track

Next up, create a new track. To do this, in your snipper that you’ve just created, in its gear menu, choose Manage Tracks for this Snippet. A new dialog box will pop up. Here, you can choose an existing track or create a new one.

Once you add the snippet to a track, by default it’s no longer visible under the main Tracks tab. It becomes a part of that track instead.

Embed Event Types in The Track

To add event types into a track first, you need to create a new snippet. You do that from Menu / Add Snippet.

To embed an event type widget into a snippet, you just paste the URL to that event type page into the snippet itself. It may not show as a full-on embedded event type until the snippet is saved. To get a link to an event type, you can use the Event Types Dashboard (Menu / Event Types) and the link will be next to the name of the event type.

Finally, add this new snippet to your track. You can rearrange the order of snippets in a track via track’s gear menu.