Announcements are alerts that live bellow the NavBar of the site and that gives users some notice or information. There are two types of announcements: local and global.

Local announcements live only in a Customer instance, so it’s supposed to be used for internal notices.

Global announcements are used by the PlusPlus team to broadcast to all the customers. We use this to announce maintenance windows and to point that features are temporarily not working as expected.

Announcement levels

We have a series of announcement levels that should fulfill all kinds of content we may want to add. The options are:









Requesting an Announcement

Customers can request their Customer Success Rep to add a local announcement. To do that the customer needs to provide us the following information:

  • Announcement level
  • Announcement text (it supports markdown and can contain links)
  • The date which the announcement should start showing
  • (Optional) The date which the announcement should stop showing