Outlook Integration

Enabling syncing of PlusPlus events with Microsoft Outlook

There are a couple of ways to get have PlusPlus events appear in Microsoft Outlook automatically:

  • iCalendar file attachment
  • Outlook API Integration

Outlook API Integration

What is it

PlusPlus also supports a native Microsoft Outlook 365 API integration. In this integration, the PlusPlus events are synced from PlusPlus to the user’s calendar via an API call.

How it works

PlusPlus programmatically syncs events between the app and Outlook via the Outlook API. To do so, PlusPlus must get API credentials, and it uses the credentials of the person creating the event (a user with a role of Organizer or any Regular user in case this is enabled in the settings).

To gain those API credentials, first time the organizer edits any event, PlusPlus takes that user through the Outlook API authorization workflow that happens at the Outlook site. Once the user grants permission to PlusPlus, PlusPlus stores that authorization token that it uses going forward for future API calendar updates. The token may expire and this authorization may happen again but it’s usually infrequent.

Any future updates on the event in PlusPlus are automatically synced with the Outlook calendars of all event attendees, organizers, and presenters. That means that everyone has the most recent event info.

If an attendee declines an event in their calendar, Outlook automatically notifies PlusPlus and that attendee is unenrolled from the event in PlusPlus.

How to enable it

To turn on the Outlook Calendar API integration you will need to login to PlusPlus with an Admin account, go to Menu > Calendar Integration > Microsoft Outlook and turn ON the Outlook integration.

To test the integration do the following:

  1. In the user menu, click to create an event.
  2. You should get redirected to the Microsoft Login page to grant the application access to your calendar and be redirected back to the event creation page
  3. After that, created events should get synced to your Outlook calendar.

Category: Docs Author: Filipe Ximenes Date: October 29, 2019 7:29 pm