We provide a repository for sending updates on your HR data through the SFTP protocol. To have access to this feature you have to contact your Customer Success Manager and request the access credentials.

The file to be sent should be named in the following format “people_report_YYYY-MM-DD.csv”, eg.: “people_report_2020-02-09.csv”, “people_report_2020-11-30.csv”.

The file format should follow these requirements:

  • The header of the file should be: "Full Name","Email","Employee ID","Department","Title","Hire Date","Manager’s email","Picture URL";
  • New columns can be added to the right of the default ones;
  • The picture is optional, can be left empty
  • All values should be quoted with double quotes (");
  • The separator character should be ",";
  • The escaping character (in case escaping is needed) is "\\";
  • The new line characters are "\r\n".

The files should be uploaded to this folder "uploads/hr_reports".