How do user accounts get created in PlusPlus?

The typical workflow is that, when a new user visits the site via SSO for the first time, their account is automatically created for them. This is seamless.

However, what if you want to assign a new hire to an onboarding track, and that person has not yet visited PlusPlus? Since there’s no account for this person, we don’t know about them and thus can’t assign them to a track or enroll to an event.

For this use case, there’s another way.

Bulk Add People

Here’s how to add many people at once:

  1. Go to Menu > People page
  2. Click on Bulk Add People
  3. Enter a list of emails to add to PlusPlus

We’ll provision those accounts so they are known in the system.

Note that security policy on what type of email addresses are allowed in the system still applied. For example, typically only the is a valid pattern.

Automatically Provision Accounts from Workday

Depending on how we integrate with your HRIS, typically Workday, we may be able to automatically provision new hires. To do that, please talk to your PlusPlus Advisor.


Provisioning users with OKTA and SCIM

Provisioning users with OneLogin and SCIM