There are five different types of users in PlusPlus:

  • Regular users
  • Organizers
  • Administrators
  • External users
  • Anonymous

Regular Role

A regular user is a typical employee at a company. Such user will have basic permissions, such as:

  • View events
  • Register for events
  • Provide feedback on events
  • Create events (depending on settings)

Organizer Role

An organizer is a user that has the ability to modify any events. Typically, this would be the role that learning and development staff has to manage internal events.

Organizer’s superpowers include:

  • All the powers of Regular role
  • Modify events title, description, cover image, location, etc.
  • Modify registrations
  • [Future] Bulk register users for an event (use case: mandatory class)
  • [Future] Bulk register users for many events (use case: onboarding new hires)
  • [Future] Bulk email attendees for classes
  • Modify tags
  • Modify event types

Administrator Role

Admins are users with most power on the system. A typical company may have one or few administrators.

Superpowers include:

  • All the powers of Organizers
  • Customer settings
  • Assign and revoke roles for users
  • Bulk register users (future)

External Role

You may have people who are external to your organization. For example, a presenter for a class could be an outside contractor. You probably don’t want to allow these people log into your app. External role allows you to do just that – designate people who cannot access your system but can have a profile that you manage.

Anonymous User

This is a user unknown to the system, such as a web visitor to the site. Typically, enterprise clients will not grant any permissions to anonymous users. In other words, unknown visitors will be prompted to log in. In certain cases, you may want to allow any visitor to view events and explore what you have to offer without the need for registration.