PlusPlus for
Developer Education

Unlock team effectiveness through shared understanding

Informal learning and ad hoc onboarding is holding high-performing teams back. We created PlusPlus collaborative peer learning platform to get and keep teams in sync. The result: a repeatable playbook for continuous learning, growth, and innovation that scales.

Faster time to productivity with Onboarding by Design

Developer onboarding is too important to leave to individual managers. To have a nimble team, you want a shared understanding of best practices. 

The best results are when your learners are applying their newly learned skills, and when they are asking you for more sessions.
– Netflix DevEd

Unlock Knowledge Sharing with Live Events

Innovation happens when various ideas come together. Help your developers share their insights with one another.

Creating larger knowledge networks gives people the opportunity to access knowledge and expertise across the company for the sake of the greater good and for our collective success, instead of having it just pop up randomly.
– Spotify Tech Learning

Foster Community with Tech Talks

Developers love to share their knowledge when it’s easy to do so. Remove friction for informal learning and watch your team adopt a culture of learning.

People really like to present and they really do want to learn how to present better. They are open to improving their skills and moving forward and share.
– LInkedIn TechU

Develop your developers through Mentorship

Developers crave career improvement. There’s nothing like having a mentor. Make it easy for your team to create those bonds.

Our leadership wanted to encourage mentorship among employees. So we ran an experiment and now over 10% of employees are mentors to one another.
– Airbnb L&D


Provide personal touch with Office Hours 

Even with all available learning content, developers end up stuck. Make it easy for them to ask for help through human interaction.

Not everyone is suited for learning by assets, and some need that face-time and the ability to ask questions in real time. Offering 1-on-1s is really an extension of blended learning…it makes the experience comprehensive.
– Netflix Studios

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