PlusPlus for Peer Learning

Unleash innovation through knowledge sharing

Peer Learning is about making it easy for employees to learn from one another. This fosters knowledge sharing. The result is shared understanding that leads to innovation.

From workshops & classes to meetups, tech talks, even internal conferences make it easy to share knowledge and watch the culture transform.

Democratize knowledge and unlock innovation

Make it easy for anyone to stand up a class. Then watch how your experts will stand up and share their knowledge with coworkers.

Your onboarding or leadership program can now span many days, many courses, and may include workshops, mentorship, videos, external content, and more.

So simple and scalable

When you make it easy, people engage. Signing up for an event is a single click.

No more spreadsheets or manual tasks. Automate email reminders, calendar invites, and Slack notifications. Schedule offerings in bulk.

Get insights

Peer learning is likely already happening at your company. The problem with that is untracked.
With integrated Analytics, Reports, and Surveys, you have all data in one place. This gives you insights so you know how it’s going.
PlusPlus can be your learning system of record or connect to other tools via the API.

Mastery, Community, Culture

As you unlock peer learning at scale, employees can get mastery at work. People deliberate about mastery naturally create a community around their practice. This, in turn, creates a learning culture that breeds innovation.

Start building expertise 
at scale in your community

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