Coaching and Mentoring

With the PlusPlus Coaching app, you’re broadening your culture of learning and reducing the barriers to tribal knowledge exchange. No longer does someone need to know who to approach. And they needn’t worry about whether they’re imposing.

Now anyone in your organization looking to learn a new skill or get guidance can discover experts throughout your organization. The PlusPlus Coaching app bridges the gap between “old timers” and newbies–an introduction ever more important with increasingly remote and more global workforces.

  • Discovery. Mentees can search for 1:1 sessions across a variety of topics, tech leadership, management or product lead coaching, new employee onboarding, and more. Mentees find mentors with availability that meets their needs.
  • Engagement. Tight calendar integration handles mix-ups in times due to different time zones between mentors and mentees. Drop session cutoffs ensure mentor and mentee time are well spent.
  • Knowledge transfer without sacrificing productivity. Mentors set office hours or blocks of times they’re able to field questions giving them uninterrupted periods for coding. Mentees can find 1:1 sessions at times that ensure they aren’t blocked.

Unlike other offerings available, PlusPlus Coaching app makes it easy for your workforce to connect with mentors across the organization. Additionally, completion information is available to People teams for acknowledgment in reviews.