Mentorship features

Create high-impact connections

Make it easy to seek out internal experts and kick off mentorship sessions without it feeling weird.
Watch it Work

Support new-hires

Connect with the right expert

One conversation can change everything. Make it easy for your seasoned employees to share their wisdom by making themselves known and available.

Set up a win-win situation

Create direct accountability, structured guidance, and bi-directional feedback loops—all while engaging and recognizing your top talent.

Measure, analyze, and adapt

Know what’s working

What’s most popular? Who’s meeting who? Is it going well? These questions and more are answered through built-in reporting and automated surveys.

Programming that runs itself

Calendar integration with email and slack notifications keeps everything running smoothly.

Protect eng culture

Design by choice over chance

More so than ever, building personal connections is key to strengthening company culture. Retain and attract high-quality talent who want to continuously grow.

Engaged talent

The workplace is evolving, your mentoring program should too

Your best asset, shared

Mentorship help you share a special type of on-the-job knowledge new-hires can’t find anywhere else.

Create breakthroughs

PlusPlus helps ‘breaks the ice’. Browse mentor profiles and high-impact session with ease.

Nurture new leaders

Mentorship helps develop the key skills, relationships, and confidence to get to the next level.

Why mentorship is no longer a 'nice to have'

“These mentorship sessions offer a safe and rich opportunity to have conversations that aren’t easy, but foster a deep level of respect and trust… And all us realize, wow, we are all in this together.” Danny Ryan Director of Technical Training & Development
“The goal is to build belonging among our team members so they are best positioned to build belonging into our product. Much like Airbnb provides a marketplace, with PlusPlus, people can find each other.” Ana Cuellar Learning Manager

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