Connect your experts with one another

Help people learn by making it easy to discover and engage mentors and coaches.

Powerful filtering

Search ‘who’s who’ and ‘who knows what’ by availability, relevant keywords, tags, background, skills, and location.

No-hassle scheduling

PlusPlus easily integrates with work calendars and video conference solutions such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

Scheduled reminders

Have a mentoring program that run itself. Calendar integration with email and Slack notifications keep everything running smoothly.

Bi-directional feedback

Is this pairing going well? What could be improved? These questions and more are answered through built-in reporting and automated surveys.

Easy reporting​

Get insights on who’s signing up, enrollments, completions, session feedback, and more.


Strengthen company culture through
personal connections

Your best asset, shared

Mentorship help you share a special type of on-the-job knowledge new-hires can’t find anywhere else.

Create breakthroughs

PlusPlus helps ‘breaks the ice’. Browse mentor profiles and high-impact session with ease.

Nurture new leaders

Mentorship helps develop the key skills, relationships, and confidence to get to the next level.

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