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October 8, 2018

Reverse Sync with Google Calendar

PlusPlus has a deep integration with Google Calendar and this proved to be a popular feature. However, people assumed that declining an event in Google Calendar would automatically unenroll them from those classes. Well, now it does. We sync declines in Google Calendar back to PlusPlus.

Google Slides in Snippets

Snippets were always designed to carry any type of media content, such as text, videos, and so on. Now you can also easily embed Google Slides and they will appear right in the snippet, as a viewable document.

October 1, 2018

Event Types 2.0

It turns out that Event Types, as an evergreen content, are very popular. We’ve revised them now to be at parity with the Events – just add the time & place.

September 24, 2018

Minor Updates

  • Poster Call-to-Action is now configurable from Settings / Admin.
  • Snippets Creator is now editable.

September 10, 2018

Custom Survey

We’ve heard that sometimes you want to learn more about how an event went. Sure, we provide the Net Promoter-style feedback and you are not satisfied with just the Feedback – you want to collect more data.

As of today, you can add a link to a custom survey for your events and we’ll automatically remind and “nudge” attendees to complete it.

How it works

In Event Type Settings, organizers can provide an optional link to the survey. If such a link is provided, all events of this event type will feature a “Complete Survey” button after the event is done.

Email Templates, which Admins can customize via Settings / Email Templates, provides the tag to the survey link. This tag allows for conditional formatting for the email template allowing you to drive the attendees to either complete the Feedback or your custom Survey.

In the future, I can see having the option to turn off Feedback via Settings / UI Customization or EventType Settings but for now, Feedback can always be live and Survey Link is active only if provided.

To learn more, see Custom Survey doc.

Custom Survey

September 3, 2018

Tracks with Events

You want your new hires to take certain courses as part of their onboarding. You can now do that by creating Tracks that contain events. Even better, since events come and go, you can specify an event type (think of it as a course) that the new hires would take when available.

How it works

Add a snippet and paste a link to an event type. That will automatically be converted into a widget that shows that event type and all available events that are coming up. You can then group these snippets into a track. Once in a track, snippets no longer show independently.

Tracks with Events

August 20, 2018

Editable Timeslots

If you had Google Resources integration turned on, traditionally, you wouldn’t be able to edit time slots for an event. You’d have to delete an old time slot and then create a new one. This was due to Google API design and how we’re using it and it proved to be inefficient for the event organizers.

With this release, you can freely edit time slots and the app will figure out how to sync them properly. We hope this update makes it easier to edit events.

Minor Improvements

  • Poster (TV version of the app) improvements: fixes the UI and adds the site URL to the bottom.
  • Snippets improvements: fixes how bullet points are rendered.
  • Third email reminder: You can now specify third reminder email to attendees – which could be used to remind them to check in to the class.
  • Enrollments Statuses: updates names of enrollment statuses in Enrollments Admin and the CSV export.

July 30, 2018 Release

Minor Improvements

  • External Users can now get email notifications and calendar invites. You may be using vendors to deliver some of your training classes and perhaps you want to have them get the notifications about the event. Administrators can now enable this via Settings / Security.

July 26, 2018 Release

Minor Improvements

  • Events can now have Co-Organizers. This is useful if there is more than one person involved in creating events. Admins can also control whether to allow Co-Organizers to receive notifications and invites. This is managed in Settings / Administrative.
  • Bulk Import of events via CSV files now supports adding Extra Info for the time slots, e.g.7/26/2018 7:00pm + 5.0 [SF-Helo 27 (VC)]. You can use Extra Info to specify rooms for the event or online location. Start by downloading the existing events via CSV Export in Menu / Events.

July 17, 2018 Release


There are certain events that should only be available to certain groups of people. For example, you may run an Engineering Bootcamp and you want to make sure only Engineering Managers have access to that event. Groups feature allows you to control who can see what. How does it work?

First, we need to know who belongs to what group in your organization. There’s usually a source of truth for that, often Workday or similar. Through Groups Integration, we connect to your system and create the groups on the fly and assign them to people. You can now restrict event access based on known groups and the app will do the rest.

To learn more, see Groups doc.


Minor Improvements

Added Waitlist count to Events Admin to make it easier to see how the events are doing.

July 6, 2018 Release

In the past, we asked you to limit the number of topics you use because anything over a dozen or so wouldn’t look good in the UI. With this release, we introduce Related Topics. Now you can specify as many topics for an event as you’d like. As people browse and discover events, they will see all the related topics. They can toggle related topics to narrow the list further.

Administrators can still set Top Level Topics to show in the Filter Bar and also control the Allowed Topics that organizers can use. For best practices and more details, please see Topics docs


Minor Improvements

We’ve stress-tested the system for spikes in transactions per minute as well as for the total number of users, events, and enrollments. After a couple of hiccups, the platform is more stable now.

June 18, 2018 Release

New Snippets UI

The initial design of Snippets borrowed a lot of design elements from Events. It turns out that a snippet has more content than an event. Plus, that content can be rich: authors may embed videos of talks, slide decks, or entire documents. This required a redesign of the UI.

The new Snippets UI is content-forward. Tracks now shows the list of it snippets right on the side so you can easily jump from one snippet to another.

We hope you find the redesign more ergonomic for you and your people. As always – your feedback is welcome!

Tracks 2

API Token Authorization and Events Endpoint

Enrollments Endpoint now supports querying the data based on attendee and last modified date. This helps with the incremental pulling of the data into other systems. In addition to enrollment data, we now expose all the events via Events Endpoint.

The security has been improved as well. The standard way to authenticate is now based on API Token. To get this token, visit the newly created Settings/Developers section. There’s also the API docs section now.

API Token

Minor Improvements

We’ve paid off quite a bit of tech debt since the last release. There are numerous bug fixes and code refactoring in this release.

We’ve onboarded a new team member and as part of that have revised a few of the internal docs and processes.

With that, your feedback is very welcome. We should be able to attend to your requests faster now.

May 15, 2018 Release

Custom Domains

So far your PlusPlus instance had to live at a subdomain such as As of today, you can host your PlusPlus app at any domain of your choosing, e.g. The hardest thing may be coming up with that name 🙂

Keep in mind that we require all instances to run securely over SSL so the only requirement is getting an SSL certificate. We can help with this setup.

Custom Domains

Bulk Add People

The accounts for your people in the system are provisioned through the Single Sign-on automatically first time they enter the site. This is the preferred way. However, you may want to add people to an event that haven’t visited the site yet. A typical use case is adding new hires to the new-hire onboarding yet they may not have even started the job yet.

Bulk Add People feature allows you to add many new people at once by copy/pasting their email addresses. Just go to Menu/People and choose Bulk Add People button.

Bulk Add People

Okta SSO

In addition to Google, Salesforce, and OneLogin, we now support Okta Single Sign-on. You can configure it via Settings/SSO and Security. Ping us and we’re happy to help.

Okta SSO

Minor Improvements

  • Better support for video Snippets. You can now easily embed videos from YouTube, Google Drive, and similar.
  • Label: Live Streamed, this is now configurable by Admins via Settings/UI Customization.
  • Locations in the top Filter Bar are now sorted.

May 1, 2018 Release

Updated Events UI

Since we’ve introduced the event cutoffs feature, it gave you the power to configure when an event opens or closes for enrollment. However, we didn’t communicate that information well to the end users. So, we’ve revised the UI to be more scalable with the additional event options.

The Enroll button now communicates when the event is open for enrollment (if cutoffs are set). The time slot area can now support more complex scheduling and eliminates the need for the older Timetable that was cluttering the event description.

Updated Events UI

Snippets with HTML and Video

The initial version of Snippets used the Markdown format for the content. It turns out that most of you prefer WYSIWYG rich text editing. So, we’ve switched to HTML as the underlying format. Markdown is still backward supported. Additionally, this new editor allows for easy embedding of video content in the Snippets. Just make sure you use the video embed link, e.g.

Snippets with HTML and Video

Roster Enrollment Status

Sure, we keep track of who attended what event. However, this data was in Enrollments and somewhat hard to get to if you wanted to just quickly see who showed up for a specific event.

Now you can see the enrollment status right from the event roster, for the events that have started already.

Roster Enrollment Status

Minor Improvements

  • Label: Time slots, or timeslots, or sessions, this is now configurable by Admins via Settings/UI Customization.
  • Fix: CSV export for Event Types with complex HTML in the description.

April 13, 2018 Release

Custom message per Event Type

There are about 20 different email notifications that we send. And, yes, they are all customizable at the system level. However, it turns out that you may want to customize the messaging more granularly.

We now support an Extra Blurb of text that you can set on per Event Type. If set, all events of that time will include that extra text in the email notifications.

To enable it, go to Menu/Event Types and click on the Settings gear for each event type you want to configure. Also, make sure that your email templates include the { extra_blurb } tag. You can manage this via Menu/Settings/Email Templates.

Extra Blurb

Enrollments for Organizers

Administrators used to be the only ones with the access to Analytics. We’ve now renamed this feature to Enrollments and made it available to Organizers and Administrators.

Enrollments allows you to see all the completion data. You can easily sort and search for people, events, and view their statuses. You can pivot on Locations, Event Types, and other data in order to see how they stack up.

Go ahead, play with Menu/Enrollments.

Enrollments Admin

Minor Improvements

  • Events can now span multiple days, e.g. a Hackathon that lasts 48 hours straight

April 2, 2018 Release

Public API

One of our design philosophies is to play well with other apps that are part of your ecosystem. To further help with that, we’ve opened up our APIs so that other systems can consume PlusPlus data.

Today, we expose two endpoints:

  • Enrollments API for your completion data: /api/v1/enrollments/?date_range_0=2018-03-15&date_range_1=2018-03-21
  • Event Types API for your content data: /api/v1/event-types/


About security: currently, the API is only available via session authentication to Admin users. We can provide different authentication methods and are looking for your feedback on how you’d consume the API.

Looking for another API endpoint? Let us know!

Redesigned Event Type Admin Page

Some of you live and breath inside the app. In an effort to make the common administrative experience even zippier, we’ve redesigned the Event Type Admin page. It is now sortable, searchable and it allows for CSV export of the content.

Event Type Admin

Minor Improvements

  • Improved External Enrollment workflow

March 14, 2018 Release

Google Calendar Rooms Integration

We now integrate even deeper with the Google Calendar. You can enable Google Resources (i.e. rooms) and then book your training rooms directly through PlusPlus. Hopefully, this makes logistics even easier.

We’ve also added a new field for Extra info to each time slot so you can specify additional information. This extra info is visible on the course page, calendar invites and the email notifications.

To enable this feature, go to Menu/Settings/Integrations. Note that rooms are precious resources – so we’ve implemented the security workflow that asks those who want to book them (i.e. the Organizers) for elevated Google Calendar permissions.

Google Calendar Integration

Event Type Email Rules

Now you can override system email rules at the event type level. That means that certain events may have different rules when to notify attendees of upcoming events, missed events, or to provide the feedback.

Go to Menu/Event Types and click on the settings gear for the event type you want to change settings for. By default, event types inherit their values from the system. If you override these values, it will apply to all the events of that type.

Email Notifications Settings

Minor Improvements

  • New and more dynamic Event Edit page

February 20, 2018 Release

Event Type Cutoffs

The last release introduced customizable cutoffs for event enrollment, cancellation, and self-check-in. You can now override system cutoffs per event types. This allows you to fine-tune cutoffs for specific events.

Go to Menu/Event Types and click on the settings gear for the event type you want to change settings for. By default, event types inherit their values from the system. If you override these values, it will apply to all the events of that type. We’ll be adding more system settings to event types so that you have even more granular control.

Event Type Cutoffs

Custom Labels

What do you call the people giving talks? We call them Presenters. From now on, you can call them something else, e.g. a Host. To change these labels, go to Menu/Settings/UI Customization.

UI Labels

Automatic Timezone Detection

Users always had a timezone set so that we can automatically convert the hours for the online events streamed from a different location. However, few knew how to get to their profile page and make this change. The result was that most never bothered to change from the default US/Pacific.

We now auto-detect the timezone that the user is in. Users are informed if their timezone has been updated. They also have a way to turn off the automatic timezone detection in case they prefer to manually set it.

Second Email Reminder

We’re all good at ignoring the email. As an option, you can now set a second email reminder for the upcoming classes. It works just like all the other automated emails that the system sends out. You can configure the rule from Menu/Settings/Administrative and you can update the template via _Menu/Settings/Email Templates/. Hopefully, this helps more people get their reminders.

Minor Improvements

  • Profile page ratings: you can now turn them off via Menu/Settings/UI Customization.

February 5, 2018 Release

Workday Integration

It turns out almost everyone uses Workday. And, in some cases, it is the source of truth for company-wide training initiatives. PlusPlus can now automatically send the completion data to Workday via its API. You can pick between the enrollments and check-in data.

Workday Integration

Configurable Cutoffs

Previously, the logic for when the event enrollment closes was hard-coded in the app. Now, you can configure the cutoffs for enrollments, cancellations, and self-checkin from Menu/Settings/Admin screen.

Configurable Cutoffs

Event Type View

It turns out that events are perishable: they come and go. This is not particularly useful when you need to link to a type of an event, e.g. a class that runs every month.

While PlusPlus had support for Event Types for awhile, it wasn’t easy to view all events of a particular type. Until now. Event Type view gives the user a list of soonest upcoming events of a certain type as well as some of the past ones. More importantly, it gives you a link to an evergreen content to link to.

Event Type View

Minor Improvements

  • In order to standardize the language, we’ve chosen Enroll and Unenroll as the action buttons. This replaces Going/Cancel and Register/Unregister ones.
  • Events can now have Enrollment Instructions without an Enrollment Link so you can have more flexibility in scheduling events where there’re important instructions to follow.
  • Bulk Data import and export now support a flag for Private events.
  • Printable Roster now shows email addresses as well.

January 18, 2018 Release

Profile Photos Services Integration

Having people’s photos show up is important to create the social experience around learning. Sometimes your SSO service may not have your people’s photos. For that reason, we’ve now enabled you to integrate with other profile photos services, such as Namely or Gravatar.

Profile Photos Integration


We get how important it is for the PlusPlus app to look and feel like other apps within your company. That’s why we’ve introduced Themes. You can now choose a theme of your site. The list of themes will evolve as we get specific requests and will generally be shared by all customers.

Themes Support

January 10, 2018 Release

Email Templates Enhancements

Automating various reminders by emailing attendees and presenters was always one of the key features of PlusPlus. We’ve now made it better by expanding the number of templates and tags supported in each. Plus, we’ve added the documentation so you know what email is triggered when.

You can also use Markdown (see Markdown Cheatsheet). Markdown lets you format your emails with images, links, bullet points, and more.

There are now 17 templates in total. You can edit them or toggle them on/off. This gives you a lot of control over the language you want to use with your people as you engage them with the app.

Go, ahead and explore Email Templates in Menu/Settings/Email Templates.

Email Templates