Release Notes February 5, 2019

We’ve been busy working on a few things through the holidays and most of January. Here’s what’s new.

Mentorship Module

Inspired by the Coaching module, we took a look at what it would take to support a mentorship program as a first-class experience. There are similarities: at the end, there’s a one-on-one session. However, discovering a mentor is finding the right person who has sessions available. And to do that, we needed more information about people.


New People Profiles

Mentorship is about finding the right match. In the past, people profiles didn’t reveal much about a person. To support mentorship, we have added a couple of things to each person:

  • Personal Bio
  • Department and Title
  • Tenure
  • Past and Upcoming Activities

Some of this data can come in via the Groups Integration, from Workday, for example.

People Profiles are now actionable. You can discover an open mentorship session and enroll right there.

On the horizon, we’re looking at the age-old problem of highlighting people’s skills. We’ll keep you posted on our progress. Please contact us if this is a topic of interest.



To highlight certain people as mentors, we’ve implemented Badges. For example, a person who completed required mentorship training may be automatically assigned a “Mentor” badge and those mentors that have delivered a few stellar sessions would automatically get a “Super Mentor” badge.

People can have a few badges. At the moment, we only display one badge per person.

Currently, the rules are hard-coded for each organization. Let us know if you’d like to explore automatic badges for your people.


Recurring Sessions

As a mentor or a coach, you likely create sessions on a set cadence into the future. For example, you may be available every Friday afternoon. In the past, you’d have to create each session separately, which is not efficient. Now, you can schedule a recurrence of a single session on a set cadence, weekly, or monthly, for example.

Recurrence is currently available for sessions in Coaching and Mentoring modules. We see this being useful for the Events as well.


Infrastructure Improvements

Last, but not least, a few infrastructure improvements.


New Dashboards

For power users, working with large sets of events, sessions, people, and similar is a daily task. You live within those few back office pages and any inefficiency is quickly multiplied at your workload.

We’ve designed a new framework for Dashboards: large sets of records that you need to sort through, filter, make bulk changes on, and similar. So far, we’ve rolled this feature for Sessions and plan to soon implement it for Events, Event Types, and People.



In the perfect world, the product would be intuitive enough that no manual would be required. We realize we’re not there yet.

We’ve been improving the overall docs at It is a work in progress.

The Curse of Knowledge is a real thing and it’s hard to approach the documentation with the Beginner’s Mind when we live and breathe the product every day. So, please let us know what you, and your folks, are struggling with when it comes to using PlusPlus. We commit to a) stop-gap that issue with the docs, and b) improve the product so that it becomes a non-issue.


Thank you!

Team PlusPlus

Category: Release Author: PlusPlusAdmin Date: February 5, 2019 6:40 am