Now write reviews for presenters, coaches, or mentors. View testimonials on the new People Profiles.

People Reviews aka Testimonials

There was always a way to provide feedback on an event or a session but not a more holistic review of the person presenting it. Now, anyone can write a review for anyone and tell others why this presenter, coach, or a mentor is great.

Enable user reviews.

To enable it, as an Admin, go to Settings > Feature Management and enable User’s Reviews feature. You also need to toggle Settings > System Settings > Users > Restrict the use of reviews only for mentors option. A Write a Review button will appear on people’s profiles. Authors can later edit or delete their reviews.

Coming soon, we’ll also add the nature of that review. For example, was it a mentoring session or an event that the reviewer attended.


PostgreSQL temporary disk out of space

Early Monday morning, we noticed certain API calls were taking longer to complete or timing out. Despite all the monitoring services, the issue wasn’t obvious – all statuses were green. Preventively, we migrated the database to a new instance. It took about 5 minutes of maintenance. Post-migration, Heroku sent us an email confirming that indeed the old database was running out of temporary disk space. It’s still puzzling why the notification didn’t arrive sooner but it seems that the issue has been resolved. We’ve improved caching and done performance optimization as a result of this.

Thank you!

Team PlusPlus