What’s new in PlusPlus

This release brings out a couple of new features that we’ve been working on for a while. Expect further refinement on them.



With all the automation going on in the platform, one of the most common support questions that we get from power users is to look up what happened to an event or an enrollment.

To empower you to be able to see how an event has changed, we’ve rolled out Logs feature for events. To get to it, go to an event and choose Gear Menu > See Logs. Logs shows you who enrolled, notifications sent, waitlist and caps encountered.

Note that we’ve only started tracking logs since February 19th. More data will be available going forward.


Tracks Editor

Previously, creating a track was hard. You’d have to create a snippet and then add it to a new track to create a track. With the new Tracks Editor, creating and editing a track is more intuitive.

To use Track Editor, go to the Menu > Add Track. From there, you can set track’s title, topics, groups, and cover image. Also, the new editor makes it easy to create or import snippets into a track.

On the horizon, we are working on snippets editor that will make it simpler to embed event types into a snippet and thus create learning tracks.


People Dashboard

A couple of releases ago, we mentioned we’ll be moving our back office UI to the new Dashboard framework to provide you with more responsive filtering and sorting options in large tables of data. People Dashboard is one of them.

To get to it, use Menu > Dashboards > People. From there, you can sort by columns, filter by roles and locations (where applicable) as well as search by name and email.

Next up, we’ll be porting Events, Event Types, and Enrollments to the new framework.

Note that the old Menu > People option is still there for the time being but will be removed soon.


Automatic Google Meet Links

For those of you using Google Meet for online events, it was painful copying the automatically generated Google Calendar link back into the PlusPlus events. You can now enable PlusPlus events to be offered online, and once the auto-generated link is created by Google Calendar, we’ll automatically detect it and copy it back into our event.

To use this, simply flag your event as offered online and leave the URL empty. We’ll prompt you that we’ll copy the auto-generated link back into the event.

Thank you!

Team PlusPlus