What’s new in PlusPlus

With this release, we’ve introduced the first of many parts of our bulk editing feature set; improved the way users can request events, expanded the scope of our analytics panel, and have made a few other minor changes, such as introducing the ability to add multiple rooms for an event session.


Bulk deletion from Dashboard

It is likely that you’ve already come across a situation where you want to remove multiple instances of something, and to accomplish this, you have had to go to each item’s edit page and delete it from there. We recognize that this can quickly scale to untenable levels, so we have been building in bulk deletion capabilities into the admin dashboard. This week, we introduce the first part of this feature set, which allows you to remove coaching sessions en masse.

Check it out by going to Dashboard > Sessions. You can sort and filter the list of sessions as before, and now you can also select groups of sessions delete them together.

There is more to come with this feature: soon, you will have the same capability for events, event types, users, and locations.

Updated Request an Event feature

Some of you requested that we give your users a way to inform you when they wanted an event that was not yet available. Our first solution was to introduce a “Request an Event” button with the event type listings (under the “Catalog” tab), which let a user fill out a form that would send an email to the organizer. This has proved to not be ideal for the organizers, as they still must read through their mail, manually create a new event, and sign up any who have contacted them.

We have introduced steps to ease this process. When a user submits the form (from the same button), this request is now recorded as a part of that event’s event type. The organizer is notified via email, and they can then go to the new event’s page, access the roster (via the people icon on the upper right), and see who is interested. If they wish to create a new instance of their event, they can choose a date and location, and enroll the backlog of interested users.


More insights from Analytics

Last week, we introduced the first part of our analytics suite, which will provide graphs to visualize the metrics of your program. With this release, we have expanded your range of insight by providing additional statistics for your events.

To take a deeper look at the engagement numbers, go to Dashboard > Analytics. You can now see statistics for Enrollment (those signing up for a class) and Attendance (those showing up for a class), which you can arrange according to a number of factors.

Coming up next in analytics, you will be seeing stats for our Coaching sessions (which not all of you use). If there is another area that you want a detailed look at, let us know!



Minor Improvements

Multiple rooms per Session

Some of you have expressed concern that you lacked the ability to book multiple physical rooms for a single session. While there was a workaround involving adding multiple time slots with different rooms at the same time, it was cumbersome to the organizer, and confusing to the attendee. We’ve resolved this pain point by adding the ability to book additional rooms for a single session of an event.

To use this feature, try editing or creating a new event. In the “Location & Sessions” section, first, select from the Location field, and then add rooms by typing or searching in the Rooms field. You will notice that you can pile on additional rooms, and your Google Calendar integration will check if they are all available.


Improved Dashboard sorting

Previously, when viewing the data on the dashboard, it was not obvious which of the columns could be sorted, and what factor they were sorting by. We’ve cleared that up by making the sortable column titles pop out and display controls when you hover over them.



Documentation Overhaul

We recognize that much of the documentation at https://plusplus.co/docs/ does not reflect the current state of our platform, and we are working to give it an overhaul through over the coming months. In addition to the per-feature guides that currently exist, we will be introducing a FAQ, a terminology guide, and a set of “recipes” to guide new users in creating their first programs.

If there is anything you feel needs explanation, please let us know: we appreciate being aware of what most needs guidance: https://plusplus.co/hello/


Thank you!

Michael and Team PlusPlus