Release Notes: April 2, 2019

What’s new in PlusPlus


Hi there!

I’m Michael, and I’ve joined the PlusPlus team as the first Customer Success Engineer. I will be taking ownership of communications between you and our engineering team; my duties will also include writing the release notes and feature documentation. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, comments, or musings!


With this release, we’ve introduced our Analytics dashboard, added a much-desired capability to include multiple live-streamed links to an Event, and have made minor improvements the Tracks Editor and our Email Templates.



You’ve been asking for the ability to track various engagement metrics right in PlusPlus. With this release we introduce the first version of Analytics.

To get new insights on your program engagement, go to Dashboard > Analytics. You can currently search a date range to find the number of events for a particular Event Type, Location, or Topic.

In upcoming releases, you can expect to see a number of new Analytics features, including charts of the most popular events, top presenters, and event enrollments over time.


Multiple Live-Streamed Links per Event

Previously, any given event could only have one associated link to join an event online, even if that event spanned multiple sessions. Many of you have let us know that you were needing the ability to associate an individual live-streamed link per session, so we’re pleased to introduce this new capability.

To try this out, create or edit an event with multiple sessions, and look for the “Live-stream Link” field for each session, where you can enter a link to your event’s online conferencing platform. If no Live-Streamed  Link is selected, one will be automatically generated from the Google Calendar link that is created when you make the Event.


Minor Improvements

Tracks Editor

We’ve made a few improvements to the Tracks Editor we introduced in the last release: you can now reorder Snippets, as well as embed images and videos in each snippet.

You can try out the new features by editing an existing track or choosing “Add Track” from the profile menu. Re-order the snippets by dragging the icon to the left of the snippet name. To  embed an image or video, first, edit or create a snippet. Above the text description field, select the Image or Video icons, and enter the resources’ URL.

(If you don’t see the “Add Track” option on your menu, you will need to enable the feature by checking “Tracks” in Settings > Feature Management ).


Email Templates

We’ve brought some clarity to our Email Templates page: re-naming the titles, adding a table of contents, and introducing some new tags and links in the templates.

To check out the new page, go to Settings > Email Templates. You can customize each of the templates for your app by clicking the “Edit” button to the lower right of each.


Thank you!

Michael and Team PlusPlus


Category: Release Author: PlusPlusAdmin Date: April 2, 2019 3:24 pm