What’s new in PlusPlus

With this release, we’ve mostly focused on minor bug fixes, but we are also introducing a feature many of you have been asking for: the ability to create recurring events. We have also made some improvements to the tracks module and the admin dashboard.

Recurring Events

Up until this point, if you wanted to create an event that happened at regular intervals, you would have to manually create new events for each occurrence. This was both annoying and time-consuming, and we have been hearing requests from many of you for a solution.

The Easter Bunny (aka our engineers) just dropped off a basket with a real treat – the ability to create regularly repeating events in one go!

To try this out, start creating a new event by selecting “+ Add Event” from the user menu on the upper-right. After selecting the event’s information as usual, click on the section labeled “Event Recurrence”, and then check the box marked “This is a recurring event”. You can then select the frequency and date range for the recurrence. After you hit Save, you will be presented with a window to confirm your new creations.

In case you mistakenly do create a large set of events, admins can use our new bulk event deletion feature over at Menu > Dashboard > Events – just use the filters to find the events you want to delete, check them off, and hit the “Delete All Selected” button.

Please note: you can not set recurrence on a previously-created event, or on an event with multiple sessions.

Minor Improvements

Tracks Features

We have made a couple of improvements to the Tracks module, where you can create a series of snippets for your users to engage with sequentially.

First off, we’ve made some changes to the permissions: now, a power user may add or remove other users to a track. A regular user may add or remove tracks from their “My Tracks” page,

Also, we fixed a bug in the track creation process: organizers would exit the track creation process before completing it, and the partially-built track would appear on the main page. We’ve introduced a safeguard against this by including a prominent delete button on the track creation page.

Bulk Deletion from Dashboard

We continue to make improvements to the bulk editing features at the Dashboard – now, you have the capability to search for and delete events, event types, people, and locations.

We have also introduced a safeguard measure to the bulk deletion process, with a confirmation window that reminds the user of what they are about to remove from the system.

Thank you!

Michael and Team PlusPlus