Release Notes: August 6, 2019

Important notice about an ongoing authorization issue with Google; Separate online vs local enrollments; new “My Pages” features.

Google Authorization issue update

We have an ongoing issue with Google Calendar authorization, which may cause your users to get locked out of our system. If you have the “Enable Google Calendar Resources for Events” feature at Menu > Settings > Integrations set to On, and a new organizer attempts to create a new event for the first time, they will trigger a permissions error that will lock them out of the system.

We have more updates on the issue here:

The most important takeaway is: the work-around we detailed last week to bypass the security warning no longer works. If you have the Google Calendar integration enabled, do not add any more Organizers to your system until we have received updated app approval from Google. Until that time, any new organizers will be locked out upon their first event creation. 

Featured Releases: 

Separate online and local enrollments for events 

We have released a new feature for events, which allows your users to choose whether to sign up for the online and/or in-person versions of the event, and for your organizers to separately track these groups in the event’s roster. 

Check the details on the new feature here:

“My” Pages (Events, Sessions, Tracks)

We have made some improvements to the My Pages sections – now, you may view a summary of the events you are enrolled to, tracks you are assigned to, and sessions you’re either hosting or attending.

You can view the new features by accessing the profile menu, then selecting “My Events”, “My Sessions”, or “My Tracks”.

Coming Soon

New Analytics panels

We are building some new insights into our Analytics panels: soon, in addition to the data on Events, Enrollments, Presenters, Sessions, and Mentors, you will also be able to see information about the Topics and Tracks at your organization.


Thank you!

Team PlusPlus

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