Group management, iCalendar file integration, Event and Session Reports, Custom SAML provider, Event attendance correction

Group management 

We have released the final set of features upgrading our Groups capabilities.

(Previous updates featured at and )

You now have access to a “My Groups” page, can transfer group ownership, and can export a CSV file containing details of your groups.

 My Groups

  1. Navigate to Menu > My Groups, where you will see all of the groups you have created.
  2. Click the Edit icon on any group panel (at the upper right) to access its info page.

Transfer Ownership: 

  1. Navigate to Menu > My Groups, and click the Edit icon of the group you wish to transfer.
  2. At the group information page, select Transfer Ownership.
  3. At the pop-up window, select the person you wish to manage the group, and click Transfer. (Please note: if you wish to undo this decision, you will have to ask the new owner to transfer it back to you.)

CSV export: 

  1. Navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Groups, use the filters to show the groups you are interested in, and click Export CSV.
  2. An email with the download link will be sent to you once the CSV is ready.

iCalendar file integration

You can now attach .ics files to your event notification emails, which enable your users to add the event info to their calendars via the email attachment.

Details at:

Event and Session Reports

The Analytics Dashboard has two new panels providing insights into the events and sessions on your system:

The Events Report shows the total number of events, and the total number of users enrolled in events,  over a specified period of time.

The Sessions Report shows both the total number of Program sessions and the numbers of booked sessions, over a specified period of time.

To see these graphs, navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Analytics.

Custom SAML Provider

You can now employ SAML (Security Assertion Mark-up Language) to authenticate your users. 

Details at:

Event attendance correction

Previously, the event description page contained inaccurate attendance statistics. After the conclusion of an event, a panel would show all users who had enrolled in the event, regardless of whether they signed in at the event or not. Online attendance was not tracked in this panel.

We have fixed this panel (located at the lower-right of the event page) to only show those who have signed in to the event, including both in-person and online sign-ins.

Thank you!

Team PlusPlus