Flexible Filters, Mentorship & Program changes, ICalender integration, Notifications updates

Flexible Filters 

Earlier last year, we moved the filters that helped users navigate the content from the top of the page to the left side. That feature allowed us to fit more types of filters in the page without crowding the UI, and made room for this new feature:

We have provided admins a new tool to create up to three new flexible filters to enable users to search your content. You can create up to three new categories, specify any allowed choices, and apply them to any of the modules. Your users will then see the new filters of the left-hand bar with the others.

Details on using the new feature are at https://plusplus.co/docs/filtering-content/

Mentorship and Program changes

We have made some background changes to the Programs and Mentorship modules. Most of the changes are only visible to power users (organizers and admins):

-In both modules, an individual meeting is called a Session. Program Sessions are organized by their parent Program type, while Mentorship Sessions are organized by the Mentor.

-The modules Programs and Mentorship are entirely separate – the sessions created in one do not appear in the other. 

-Only organizers and above can create Program Sessions, while Mentor status (an admin-editable field in the user profile) is required to create Mentorship Sessions. As an admin, you can choose to let any user in your organization create either type of Session by navigating to Menu > Settings > Programs & Mentoring > Programs & Mentoring Administration, and checking either Any user can create program sessions or Any user can create mentorship sessions.

-We have deprecated the term “Coaching” from the app. If you want to still use the term, as an organizer you can create a Program called “Coaching”, or, as an admin, you can navigate to Menu >  Settings > UI Settings > Labels, and change any of the terms there.

-We have two new Dashboards allowing organizers to view and edit the offerings. Navigate to Menu > Dashboard, and select either Mentorships or Programs.

iCalendar aka .ICS File attachments 

Admins can now choose to attach .ICS file attachments to the event creation and update notification emails. These files can be parsed by the user’s Outlook and Gmail to add the event to their calendar.

Details on the feature are at  https://plusplus.co/docs/icalendar-integration/

New Notification options: 

We have built-in some new features related to the event notification system:

Event notifications to waitlisted users 

Event notifications now reach users on the waitlist for the event, not just those enrolled.

As an admin, you can now edit your notifications to include different messages to those enrolled, and to those on the waitlist.  Navigate to Menu >  Settings > Notification Templates, and edit any of the event-related notifications.

You now have access to two new boolean tags, {{ is_enrolled }} and {{ is_waitlisted }}, which allow you to write conditional messages that you want to be received by either group.

See the default notifications for example usage.

Second notification blurb

We have added a field to Event Types, allowing additional information to be attached to their notifications.

As an organizer, you can edit this field by going to your Event Type’s page, clicking the Gear icon, and selecting Notification Settings. At the end of the settings page, there is a new field called Enrollment emails second extra blurb, in which you can add the extra notification info.

As an admin, you can now edit the notification templates with the second blurb your organizers have included (the new blurb is shown by default).  Navigate to Menu >  Settings > UI Settings, and edit any of the event-related templates. There is now a tag called {{ extra_blurb_2 }} that will include the content of the event type’s Enrollment emails second extra blurb field.

Post-event reminders

You can now set “First/Second/Third Email Reminder” notifications to be sent after your events, as well as before.

As an admin, you can set the timing of these notifications at a system-wide level by navigating to Menu > Settings > Event Settings > Notifications, and selecting a new option for the First Reminder, Second Reminder, or Third Reminder. You can now set these notifications to be sent up to 90 days after the event.

As an organizer, you can override the system-wide settings for your event types by going to your Event Type’s page, clicking the Gear icon, and selecting Notification Settings. At the Notifications tab, there will be fields to change the timing of the three event reminders.