Release Notes: July 2, 2019

View PlusPlus events and enrollments on Degreed, and a new Getting Started guide covering Events and Tracks. Plus: a new notification for event presenters, and a new data field for CSV import/exports.

Degreed Integration

You can now connect PlusPlus with the Degreed learning management system, which allows you to view events and attendance information from PlusPlus while using Degreed. Please talk to PlusPlus support before activating the integration. For more information, check out our doc:

Getting Started guide: Events and Tracks

As an aid to the first-time power users at your organization, we compiled a guide that shows the basics of creating Events and Tracks in PlusPlus:

If there is anything you feel is missing from the guide, let us know.

Look out for a guide covering the Coaching and Mentoring modules in the near future!


Minor Changes

Notifications for Presenters

We have added an additional notification that will send a reminder over email and Slack to remind a presenter of an upcoming event.

This notification is off by default. To activate it, visit Menu > Settings > Event Settings, and select the timing of the notification from the drop-down.

To see the default notification text, go to Menu > Settings > Notification Templates, and find the “Event Presenter Reminder” template. Click “Edit”, and you will have the option to toggle the Slack and email notifications off, and to change the text for either.

CSV Import/Export for Events

We have a feature for organizers at Menu > Events which allows you to export a CSV-formatted document of event information. Additionally, you can import a CSV file containing new event information to PlusPlus.

We have added one additional field to the CSV report, marked “Enrollment Opens”, which is meant to indicate a specific date and time that users are allowed to enroll in an event.

The date formatting for the field is “MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm (am/pm)” (eg: “3/23/2018 10:23 am” or “12/3/2019 9:42 pm”).

You must have the “Enrollment Opens” column labeled and present in your CSV file when you import it to PlusPlus, but putting a value in the field is optional. Leaving the field blank will default the enrollment opening date to the admin settings at Menu > Settings > Event Settings > Event Cutoffs.

Thank you!

-Team PlusPlus

Category: Release Author: Date: July 2, 2019 5:22 pm