Release Notes: July 30, 2019

User provisioning with SCIM, a redesigned Tracks module, and previews of the new navigation and online-attendance cap features. Plus, a notice about an issue with Google Authorization that some users are experiencing.

User Provisioning via SCIM

For those organizations who have integrated PlusPlus with Okta [ ], we can now provision new user accounts on PlusPlus when their info is added to Okta. We also detect when a user has been removed from your system. In response, we perform a hard delete on their profile, in which we:

  • Unenroll them from all events and sessions they are attending.
  • Cancel any coaching sessions they have organized.
  • Wipe any Google Calendar listings PlusPlus 
  • Hide them from all listings in your system.

For details on configuring this update, visit

Please note: OneLogin [ ] support coming soon.

Soft release: New navigation features

We have an upcoming UI overhaul of how you search through main tabs of our site, which you can now optionally turn on before its general release next week.

If you visit Menu > Settings > Feature Management and select the “Left Filter Bar” option at the bottom, you will see a new interface for filtering the results of your Events, Catalog, Tracks, and Coaching modules – the options that were previously on the top of the page have been moved to the left side.

Next week, we plan on releasing this to all customers (not requiring the control panel switch to turn on), and we will also begin to offer additional filtering options.

If you have the time, we recommend trying out the new features this week, and sending us feedback on your thoughts.

Minor Changes

Tracks/Snippets redesign

We have made some cosmetic improvements to the Tracks module, in which we provide additional context to the main index page, as well as the track detail pages.

Preview: Separate cap for online vs local attendance

We have introduced the first part of a larger feature set, which will allow separately-tracked attendances of the local vs online versions of the same event. For now, organizers can designate a separate online attendance cap when creating their event.

Coming next week, we will be releasing the full capabilities of this feature set, which will include the ability for users to choose whether to attend the online or in-person versions of the same event, …

Service Notes:

Google Authorization issue

Your organizers may have run into an error around Google Authorization when attempting the create events on PlusPlus. We have a notice on the issue (and steps to resolve it) here:

Thank you!

Team PlusPlus

Category: Release Author: Date: July 30, 2019 9:26 pm