Release Notes: June 7, 2019

Now you can embed websites in snippets, allow mentors to pre-select mentees, and view a mentor’s statistics.


Embed Web Sites in Snippets

You’re now able to embed almost any website* into a snippet as an iFrame.

To activate this feature, go to Settings > Snippets & Tracks, check the “Content Embedding” box, and click the Save button. Then, create or edit a snippet, select the Embed tab on the upper right, and enter any URL in the field. If you have entered a valid and allowed URL*, the website will appear within your snippet. Your users will then be able to interact with the embedded website within the snippet as they view it.

*Please note: some websites disallow being embedded; if you attempt to add them you will get an error message.

Mentor-to-Mentee Scheduling

Up until this point, if a mentor wanted to secure a time with a specific person, the mentor would have to schedule an open session and notify the mentee of its availability, so that the mentee could log on and sign up for the session. We have resolved this pain point with this new feature, which allows mentors to pre-select the person who will be attending their session.

To try this out, as a mentor, create a new Coaching/Mentoring session and select the mentee you would like in the “Mentee” selector. The mentee will then be automatically notified of their new session.


Minor Changes

Mentor Statistics

We have added a statistics block to the Mentor profiles, showing hours of mentorship given, the number of sessions hosted, total mentees, and how long they have been a mentor.

To activate this feature, go to Settings > Coaching & Mentoring, check the “Display Mentorship Stats on Mentors’ Profiles” box, and click Save. You will now see these stats displayed in the lower-right corner of a mentor’s profile page.

Tracks Sorting

We have added additional sorting options to the Tracks navigation page. You may now sort your filtered results alphabetically or by recently updated.


Thank you!

Team PlusPlus

Category: Release Author: Date: June 7, 2019 9:59 pm