What’s new in PlusPlus

This release brings much-needed improvements to the Tracks module and the user menu. It also introduces a couple of more power user dashboards.


Track & Snippet Editor

Tracks proved to be a useful way to build learning paths consisting of various events and media. A common example would be a new hire onboarding track. However, embedding event types into a track was a mystery for most of you.

The new Track & Snippet Editor makes it intuitive how to build a track and embed event types into it. You can also embed media, such as videos or Google docs and presentations. We hope you like the new experience.

If you’re not using the Tracks module, ask us for a quick demo on what it can do for you.


New User Menu

Previously, we had two separate menus: one for your profile and another one for the most common features. This user experience was confusing.

The newly redesigned menu brings both menus under the same home. We also brought a level of consistency making it easier for people to figure out how to create new events, tracks, or sessions.


More Dashboards

A couple of releases ago, we mentioned that we’ve created a new framework for working with large data sets in the back office. We call it the Dashboard Framework. It make finding, sorting, and filtering easier. With this release, we’re rolling out Enrollments and Events dashboards. Check it out under Menu > Dashboards and let us know what you think.

Heads up that we’re still keeping the other legacy pages around for the time being. For one, the Dashboard Framework does not yet support CSV import/export and some of you depend on it.

On the horizon, we’ll be introducing Inline Bulk Editing so that you can easily make changes across many items at once.


Minor Improvements

Coaching & Mentorship Session Cards

After getting the initial user feedback on the new Coaching & Mentorship Module, we’ve refined the design of the Session Cards. It is now easier to see who is paired with whom.


Configurable Calls to Action (CTAs)

New features often come with tips embedded across pages. You’ve been asking for these tips to contain specific text and links to your internal docs. To make this flexible, we now support many of these tips as customizable CTAs. They can even contain Markdown markup allowing you to freely format the text and include links as you wish.

To access this (as an Admin), go to Menu > Settings > UI Customization. Let us know if there are any more tips you would like us to make customizable.


Thank you!
Team PlusPlus