Release Notes: May 14, 2019

What’s new in PlusPlus

With this release, we are introducing a feature for editing events that will make your organizers’ lives much easier. Additionally, we have extended the reach of some new features we introduced last week, and have squashed some very annoying bugs.

Event Types changes propagate to Events

We have built in a feature that many of you have been asking for: previously, when an organizer wanted to change the details of a set of events, they would have to individually edit each event. We have eased this pain by allowing changes you make to an event type propagate backward to previously-created events.

To try out these features, navigate to the Edit page of an existing event type, make the changes you wish to see, and hit Save at the bottom of the page. You will then be presented with a window asking whether you wish for the changes to only events created in the future, to all previously-created upcoming events, or to all previously-created events in both the past and future.

More options for Dashboard CSV Export

Last week, we introduced the first parts of our new Export CSV feature for the Dashboard, allowing you to download filtered data sets from your Events and Enrollments. We have now extended this capability to Event Types, Sessions, People, and Locations.

To try this out, navigate to Menu > Dashboard, and select the data set you would like to export. Set the filters at the top to pare down the data to what you want to see, and then click the “Export CSV” button at the upper-right. The filtered CSV file will be emailed to you.

Please note, we will soon be deprecating the pages at Menu > Events and Menu > Enrollments, in favor of unified Dashboard functionality.

More filter visibility

We have extended a UI feature that we introduced previously, which shows users which filters are active. Last week, we introduced the feature for the Events discover page, and now this is active for Tracks and the Catalog as well.

Just navigate to the Events, Tracks, or Catalog tabs, and make some filter selections to pare down the choices. You will notice the active filters represented as oval “pills” at the top of the choices. Below the first row of pills, you may see a second row labeled as “Related Topics” – clicking on these will add them to the active filters.

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes

Organizers can now see Analytics

We have changed the viewing permissions on the Analytics dashboard so that Organizers can now see the data reports gathered there. They can now navigate to Menu > Dashboard, and they will now see the analytics presented as the default option.

Distinguishing users with no names

We have addressed a bug that has been annoying many of you, where blank spaces appear in the user-selection fields throughout the platform. It turns out this was caused by instances where a user was invited to the platform via their email address but has not yet signed in themselves.

We have rectified the problem by replacing any missing names with the user’s email address in those fields.

Unenroll deleted users

Finally, we have fixed a bothersome bug, where deleted users would remain enrolled in events. Now, when a user is removed from the system, they will be automatically unenrolled from any events and sessions they have signed up for.

Thank you!

Team PlusPlus

Category: Release Author: PlusPlusAdmin Date: May 14, 2019 9:56 pm