What’s new in PlusPlus

With this release, we have improved some existing features, and have added a couple new ones. We have added new search and filter options to the main pages, improved our system for exporting events calendars, started transitioning CSV export functionality to the Dashboard, and enabled admins to rename the Mentorship and Coaching modules.

New search & filter options

We have added a number of features that improve your users’ ability to find events and sessions:

  • A local search field to the Events, Tracks, and Catalog discovery pages. We have built in a type-ahead search that will turn up results in each category as your type.
  • Removal of the site-wide search bar at the upper-right, in favor of the aforementioned local search bars.
  • Improvement of  the visibility of the active filters at the Events discovery page, by including each active filter as a “pill” at the top of the results. (This feature will be rolled out to the other discovery pages in upcoming weeks.)
  • The Catalog discovery page (where users may browse the available Event Types) has been enabled with a Topics filter.

To try out these features, navigate to the main page, and use the tabs on the upper-left to explore the discovery pages.

Filters for calendar exports

For some time now, we have had a feature that enables users to export their calendar as an .ICS file, which others can then subscribe to in Google Calendar (and other apps, such as iCal and Outlook).

We have just improved this feature by enabling users to filter their PlusPlus events calendar before exporting, so that they may embed only the Topics, Locations, and Event Types they want.

For more information on how to export to your calendar, check out our new Power User guide.

Dashboard CSV Export

Organizers have had access to our Export CSV feature for some time now. This feature allows them to download a spreadsheet containing the Events and Enrollment data by going to Menu > Events and Menu > Enrollments respectively. We are building on the feature by bringing it over to the Dashboard, where you may use the existing filter options to pare down the data to just what you want to see.

Right now, we have enabled this feature at the Dashboard > Event Types and Dashboard > Sessions, with the other portions being enabled in upcoming weeks.

Please note, we will soon be deprecating the pages at Menu > Events and Menu > Enrollments, in favor of unified Dashboard functionality.

More UI customization options

We have added another layer of fine-tuning you may apply to your app – now you can rename the Coaching and Mentorship modules to any term you want for your organization.

As an Admin, navigate to Settings > UI Customization, and look for the fields “Coaching Tab Title” and “Mentorship Tab Title”. Replace the text in either of the fields, and hit Save at the bottom of the page. You will see that the main navigation tab has changed!

Thank you!

Team PlusPlus