Invite groups to events, Coaching renamed to Programs, transfer calendar ownership of deleted users.

Invite Groups to Events

We are introducing a new set of capabilities building on our internal Groups feature.

Currently, admins can work with us to write a custom integration that obtains data from your HR system, such as Workday or Ultipro. From this data, we can extrapolate user groups based on information such as hire date, location, department, and title. (For example, we can create the group “NYC Engineering” if we know the Location and Department for each user.)

Once those groups are created, organizers can then restrict access to events and programs to specified groups. Admins can also work with us to automatically assign groups to tracks and enroll them to events.

We are now giving organizers the ability to invite groups to events, as well as directly enroll them in the events. For both methods, first visit an event’s info page. Then, choose one of the actions below:

Invite via “Invite More People” link:

  1. At the lower-right, there will be a display of the icons of enrolled users, with a link to “Invite More People” above the icons. Click the link, and you will see a modal window titled “Invite People”. 
  2. Click on the “Invite people or groups” field. You can either make a selection from the “Public Groups” on the list, or use the type-ahead search bar to find the group you want. 
  3. When you have added all of the groups you want to invite, click the “Send Invites” button. The users in those groups will receive a notification containing a link to the event; it is up to them to follow the link and enroll in the event.

Enroll via Roster:

  1. Click the “People” icon on the upper-right to open the Roster window. 
  2. Then click the “Everyone” tab, and either select from the “Public Groups” at the top of the list or use the type-ahead search bar to find the group you want. 
  3. Click “Enroll”, and check the confirmation modal to ensure that you are taking the desired action – all users in that group will be enrolled in the event.

Coming soon, we will be introducing a dashboard where admins can create, update, delete, and edit groups directly.

“Coaching” renamed to “Programs”

We have changed the name of our Coaching module to Programs, in order to bring consistency in our app with relation to the Mentorship module.

A “Program” refers to the template for a one-to-one meeting, aka a “Session”. This relationship is analogous to the Event Type serving as a template for Events.

You can customize these terms (as well as others) throughout your system. As an admin, visit Menu > Settings > UI Customization > Labels. To change the terminology related to Programs (formerly Coaching), edit the following fields, and click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page:

  • -A person who hosts sessions is called… 
  • -Multiple people who host sessions are called… 
  • -Programs Tab Title

Transfer Calendar ownership of deprovisioned users

We have fixed a bug that occurs in the deprovisioning (user removal) process. Formerly, when a user was removed from the system, they still remained the owner of the Google Calendar or Outlook listings of any events that they had created.

We have fixed this by initiating a transfer of Calendar ownership to the event’s Organizer, Co-Organizer, or Presenters (in that order) when the original owner is removed from the system.

This process is detailed at

Thank you!

Team PlusPlus