Release Notes: October 3, 2019

Tracks analytics panel, Event settings controls, Enroll via event type pages, and user-end notification shutoffs

Analytics for Tracks

We have added a new set of data analytics for the Tracks module.

Admins can view these stats by navigating to Menu > Dashboard > Analytics, and at the bottom of the page, they will find the “Tracks Analytics” window.

For each track in the system, they can see:

  • Number of assignees
  • Modules in the track
  • Number of assignees completed per module
  • Average completion time per module

Finer event settings

We have added more options to the event settings governing check-in windows and the scheduling of notifications. Notably, there is now an option to have the event check-in window never close, allowing attendees to check in even after the event has ended.

You can manage these settings on two levels:

System-wide (admins only): Navigate to Menu > Settings > Event Settings. Change the “Events Administration” and “Email Notifications” sections, and click Save to enact them.

Per event type (organizers and admins): Organizers can over-ride the system-wide settings for event type offerings. Navigate to the event type’s details page, click the “Gear” icon, and select “Settings”. There, change the “Events Administration” and “Email Notifications” sections, and click Save as above.

Further down the road, we will build a revised version of the notification settings panel. This will organizers allow a finer degree of control over the timing of notifications.

Enroll from Catalog

We have made your users’ workflows a bit smoother, by adding a button to enroll in an event from its parent type’s page.

To try this out, visit the Catalog tab and click “View Details” on any of the event types listed. At the details page, each of the available event instances will have an “Enroll” button if those instances have available spaces in the roster.

Users can turn off Notifications

We have given your users more control over whether they receive the automated notifications we send over email and Slack.

They may toggle their notifications by visiting Menu > My Profile, and clicking the “Edit” icon at the top. Under the “Account” tab, there are checkboxes for “Receive email notifications” and “Receive Slack notifications”. Set them to the desired state, and click Save.

Thank you!

Team PlusPlus

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