Release Notes: September 17, 2019

Topics for mentors, and a new filtering UI.

Featured Releases:

Topics for Mentors

We have enriched the mentor profiles by allowing them to specify their skills and interests. Users can then search for mentors by those skill sets. These skills are the same set of top-level topics that can be attached to events.

Users may then search for mentors by skill set via the new navigation feature on the left-hand side of the Mentorship tab, under the Skills section.

As a reminder: admins can control the Topics and Tags allowed on their system. Navigate to Menu > Settings > System Settings > Topics, and write the allowed “Top level Topics”  and “Topics” (sub-topics). Leaving a field blank will allow any topics to be created and employed by your users.

Coming soon: we will be introducing the ability to also give mentors “tags” (aka “sub-topics”) in addition to the main (“top-level”) topics below. We will also be introducing a Topics Dashboard that will allow admins to view, create, and manage their organization’s groups.

New filtering interface

We have started an overhaul of the user interface for navigating the main tabs on our app. The sort and filter options that were located above the result listings are now located on the left-hand side of those pages. The “pills” showing currently-selected filters are displayed above the search results.

We have started by offering the same filtering options that existed prior to the UI change. Down the line, we will also be introducing additional filtration options (such as the “Skills” section at the Mentors page).

Minor Releases:

More Dashboard filter options

We have enhanced the range of insights admins can get from the People Dashboard. They may now filter their user list by department and hire date.

You can try out the new capabilities by navigating to Menu > Dashboard > People, and using the “Filter by Department” and “Hire Date” fields to narrow your selection.

Service Notes:

Google Authorization issue update

We have published a guide to resolving an issue affecting some clients’ Google Calendar rooms integration. If your organization had the “Enable Google Calendar Resources” settings activated for Events or Programs, your organizers would trigger a permissions error with Google when creating events, and get locked out of PlusPlus. 

We initially attempted to re-apply our app for approval with Google. Google instead informed us of their new recommended practice: each client needs take action to whitelist PlusPlus with them.

To restore your Google Calendar rooms integration, an admin will need to follow the instructions at


Thank you!

Team PlusPlus

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