Catalog features

It’s all there. It’s all searchable.

A single point of entry to all of your curated content that’s easy to discover across your entire org.
Watch it Work

Self-paced content

New-hires up to speed, faster

Take scattered and outdated reference docs out of the equation. Create or discover authoritative content that everyone needs to confidently do their jobs.

Import & publish in minutes

Import curated eLearning courses from other tools right into PlusPlus. Supported formats: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI, and cmi5

Scheduled live events

Events have that ‘human touch’

Surface scheduled live events including immersive bootcamps, workshops, office hours or tech talks to speed up time-to-productivity.

Office Hours

Stay unblocked

If someone on the team has the answer, you should know it too. Ask deeper questions related to the day-to-day that don’t feel right over Slack.

De-silo Understanding

Organize all your company know-how and wisdom for a changing workplace

Single source of truth

PlusPlus makes it easy to find and digest all the ways your company know-how is shared.

Perform in lockstep

When critical know-how is surfaced, tracked, and supported by SMEs, better work is done, faster.

Track and improve

Figure out what content and delivery work best. The quality and speed of your teams output depends on it.

Why teams are going with a blended approach

“Not everyone is suited to learn from just artifacts. Some need face-time and the ability to ask questions in real-time. Offering 1:1 office hours is really a effective extension of blended learning… it makes whole experience more comprehensive.” John Zinni Product Rollout Specialist
“It’s not only about getting people up to speed as quickly as possible, but it’s about offering opportunities for them to connect to them to whole organization. This is important in creating a strong company culture with high retention, happiness, and real impact.” Swati Doshi Principal Technical PM

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