Employee Enablement Platform

PlusPlus is designed to empower employees at tech-forward companies to do their best work.

Unlike traditional LMS tools built for compliance, PlusPlus empowers high-performing cultures by unlocking tribal knowledge through a combination of live and self-paced learning.


Gather around your experts

Our live-learning platform handles all the prep behind running workshops: cal invites, discovery, and notifications.


Create personalized onboarding

Personalized onboarding programs get new-hires up to speed, faster—whether that’s remote or in-person.


Centralize your know-how

This goes beyond enterprise wiki software, making all courses, workshops, and office hours easier to discover.


Launch an internal mentoring program

Make it easy for people to seek out seasoned teammates and kick off sessions without it feeling weird.


Self-paced learning that anyone can create

Bottle up key institutional knowledge in beautiful guides and tutorials that anyone on the team can create and maintain. No special tools are needed.

Built-in best practices

Why the platform works

Surfaces expertise that’s already there

Make it easy for your internal experts to share answers your org’s biggest questions and have it be easily discovered.

Contextualizes how things get done

Have new-hires get how your org works and how to work at your org. Share deep know-how around tools, systems, and best practices.

Builds a resilient engineering culture

Boost speed-to-productivity for new-hires and have them feel connected while providing a podium for internal experts to inspire growth.

case studies

Loved by tech companies leading the way

LinkedIn increases engineering workshop attendance by 6X and improves employee NPS by 22 points with PlusPlus.

Netflix uses PlusPlus to onboard 1,000s of new-hires into ‘The Netflix Way’ with internal training workshops. Opt-in engagement is 40% vs. the industry standard of <5% (month over month).


Salesforce manages technical workshops for 18,000 engineers with a single Program Manager running 100s of classes per quarter. They do this globally for many years without skipping the beat.