Automated, Integrated, and Secure Enterprise Learning Platform

Securely connect to all of your other systems to automate workflows and boost efficiency. 


Automate workflows with Automated Rules

Trade spreadsheets and manual calendar invites for intelligent automation to remove toil work and save time.

Trade spreadsheets and manual calendar invites for intelligent automation to remove toil work and save time.
Automatic assignments

Create rules to automatically assign and enroll your people into PlusPlus learning programs.

Integrated with HRIS

Set your onboarding, continuous development, and compliance learning programs on autopilot with rules that automatically run when new people data is received from your HRIS.

Sync your HR data in real time

Keep your PlusPlus people data up to date via automatic real-time synchronization with your HRIS.

Keep your PlusPlus people data up to date via automatic real-time synchronization with your HRIS.
Connect to any HRIS

Share data in real-time between PlusPlus and any HRIS, such as Bamboo, Workday, or SuccessFactors.

Multiple connection types

Synchronize data via Direct API, CSV over sFTP, SCIM, or one-off uploads.

Intelligent mapping

Map all of your employee attributes in PlusPlus using custom fields.

Powerful analytics

Quickly access the insights you need with easy-to-use analytics dashboards.

Easy access
Easy access

Effortlessly visualize your data with in-app charts and graphs, flexible filters, and more.

Saved Reports
Saved reports

Save and schedule commonly used reports, and automate their delivery.

Native insights
Native insights

Access PlusPlus native performance data via GraphQL API and xAPI integration.

Flexible Data
Flexible data

Export any PlusPlus report via CSV to aggregate insights with other systems.

Your notifications, your way

Customize and deploy rich notifications across email and Slack.

Customizable triggers

Create automatic notifications at numerous stages of a learning program, such as assignments, enrollments, event reminders, and more.

Notification templates

Add a human touch by customizing each email and Slack notification using your company’s lingo.

Local and global controls

Specify global notifications across all of your learning programs, or enable program managers to set custom notifications for their programs.

Custom Notifications
Define cohorts

Automatically create custom audience groups based on department, job function, hire date, location, and more.

Auto assignments

Assign cohorts to Tracks, surveys, feedback, and more with only a few clicks.

Automate workflows

Integrate with automated rules and groups to codify repetitive workflows, such as assignments and enrollments.

Advanced access controls

Specify rules to automate group management for cohorts of people from your HRIS, such as all new hires or all engineers.

Automatic assignments

Create automated rules to automatically assign cohorts into learning programs, or assign individuals and teams ad hoc.

Visibility control

Restrict visibility of individual learning programs to only specific groups, or make them available to everyone.

Ad hoc support

Easily create custom groups for one-off learning programs.

Flexible user interface

Customize the PlusPlus UI to best serve your teams.

Build Themes
Build themes

Use custom logos, colors, and fonts within PlusPlus to best reflect your company’s branding.

Custom filters
Custom filters

Specify custom filter types in PlusPlus product modules (e.g. language, content level, etc.) to enable easy discovery.

Flexible labels
Flexible labels

Prefer “instructor” rather than “presenter?” No problem. Use custom labels to reflect your company’s internal lingo. 

Configurable Navigation
Configurable navigation

Customize your main PlusPlus navigation bar to facilitate easy access to your events, content, and connections.

Integrated and secure

Securely connect to all of your other systems.

Robust integrations
Robust integrations

Seamlessly synchronize content, data, calendars, and more via our suite of integrations.

Trusted Security
Trusted security

SOC-2 compliance and advanced security practices ensure maximum safety.

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