Platform overview

Enterprise-grade & integrated

An enterprise-grade and integrated system for powerful assignment, automation, and discovery.
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No-hassle scheduling

Deep Calendar Integration

With Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook integration, event scheduling is auto-sync’d to your work calendar. Book rooms, schedule video conference calls, and even exclude enrollments from declined cal invites.

Bulk notify to align teams

Whether it’s over email or Slack, customize ready-made templates with automated rules to fine-tune when and how your notifications and reminders go out.

Automate away busy work

Built-in surveys & assessments

Get a quick pulse check through built-in ratings. Customizable surveys can be be sent out auto-sent to collect rich data on how things are going.

Set assignments & rules

Assign learning to one person, a group, or an entire company based on automated rules. With clear due dates and built-in customizable reminders, PlusPlus keeps everything on track.

Complete back-office

Reports and insights

Get detailed reports and visualizations on how people are engaging in your programs. Because all of your data is in one integrated database, you can apply powerful filters and aggregations to gain deep insights into what works and what can be further improved.

Better workflow management

The platform for technical teams to stay in sync and scale faster

Easy scheduling

Your events are automatically and constantly synchronized so your people are always up-to-date.

Everything, integrated

Reduce tool fatigue with integrated apps, analytics, surveys, tracking, and reporting.

Insights you can trust

Collect rich data via Custom Surveys for assessments or a quick pulse check via built-in ratings.

How our fastest-growing customers use Events

“Ongoing education isn’t just about teaching. It’s about recruiting instructors, nurturing relationships, and helping develop useful content. This requires a global view.” Simeon Franklin Staff Technical Instructor
“There are many benefits of using a workshop platform over Confluence or Google Docs. One of them is having everything in one place. This makes it easy for our engineers to know that they need to learn something new.” Julia Wang Software Engineer

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