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OnDemand Content

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Expert Connections

OnDemand Content

Create and curate self-paced content

Build rich self-paced content using native authoring tools, or curate eLearning content from internal and external sources. 

Seamlessly integrate eLearning & compliance courses

Seamlessly integration
Support for eLearning

Deliver eLearning content from any source using any of the following formats:

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004
  • AICC
  • xAPI
  • cmi5
  • PDF
  • …and more
Automated assignments

Sync people data from any HRIS and automatically assign content based on titles, departments, and more.

Progress tracking

Easily monitor due dates and completion data in aggregate or by individual content item.

Powerful reminders

Specify customized notifications to be delivered via email and Slack.

Flexible data

Export data logs to third-party platforms via CSV or API for unified performance tracking.

Advanced policy support

Create custom policies for expiration dates, completion deadlines, and more.

Communicate complex concepts using Guides

Delight your engineering team with handy tutorials, guides, and how-tos.

Native Authoring
Native authoring

Easily write Codelabs using the tools you already use, such as Google Docs.

Collaborative Authoring
Collaborative authoring

Enable multiple authors to collaborate on a single Codelab.

Versioning Support
Versioning support

Iterate on Codelabs and keep them organized with built-in version tracking. 

Curate and centralize all of your content

Aggregate all of your eLearning content into PlusPlus, regardless of its file format or source.

Advanced video support

Bolster your learning programs with videos from any source including YouTube, Vimeo, Wystia, Google Video, and more.

Event replays

Resurface recordings of live events in learning programs, and make them searchable to your people.

AI-powered transcriptions
(coming soon)

Automatically transcribe live event audio into subtitles and transcripts, and make events easily searchable with automated indexing.

Centralize fragmented resources

Aggregate and surface difficult to locate internal resources from Google Suite, Confluence, and more.

Learn more about content integrations.

Surface external content

Connect people rosters to real assignments to better understand who is excelling, and who may need a boost.

Learn more about Linked Content.

Use AI to discover relevant content

Automatically surface the most relevant content to each member of your team based on their role, past performance, and more.

Enterprise platform powered by AI - My Hub
My Hub

AI-powered login page automatically showcases the most relevant content, events, and connections to each user based on their role, permissions, and more.

Visibility Control Content Items
Visibility control

Make content items available to everyone, or restrict their visibility only to specified groups.

Channel Subscriptions
Channel subscriptions
(coming soon)

Built content channels around specific topics (i.e. Leadership Academy) and enable people to subscribe for automatic updates.

Easily track progress

Quickly assess how your people are performing with built-in Assessments and unified analytics.

Assessment features
Powerful Assessments

Use our native builder to create and deploy custom Assessments to understand how well your people are grasping key concepts. 

Learn more about Assessments.

Integrate with Tracks

Attach Assessments to individual content items, or deploy within Tracks to assess the effectiveness of your learning programs.

Automated notifications

Specify custom reminders alerting your people to upcoming or overdue Assessments.

Unified data

Aggregate performance data within PlusPlus, and easily filter analytics by team, content item, due date, expiration date, and more.

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OnDemand Content

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Expert Connections