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Organize content into channels devoted to specific topics or audiences

Gain new autonomy over your learning programs, and enable your people to subscribe to the channels that matter most to them.

Admin multiple channels

Have autonomy over your learning programs

Create dedicated channels for learning teams to organize their content and events.

Multi channel support
Multi-channel support

Organize learning content around specific topics or to support specific teams, such as Engineering Bootcamp or Sales Academy.

Custom branding

Make your learning programs yours with its own program branding and description.

Ownership control

Assign owners and give them autonomy to control the channel’s settings.

Specify channel-specific settings

Set channel-level defaults that apply to content and events associated with the channel.

Specific Settings
OnDemand Content

Set policies for self-paced content, such as due dates, expiration dates, and more.

Live Events

Specify policies for check-in, attendance, enrollment, and more.

Access control

Make channels public, hidden, or restricted to specific groups.


Customize email and Slack notifications for channels.

Give your people their own learning universe

Use channels to showcase content and events related to the same topic.

Learning Universe
Centralized content

Organize content and events into channels to showcase all learning resources that pertain to a specific topic.

Reduced noise

Only display the content and events that matter most to your people, letting them ignore the rest.

Cross-channel discovery

Enable your people to discover content and events across the entire organization, regardless of which channel they are part of.

Channel subscriptions

Empower your people to subscribe to the channels that matter most to them.

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