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How Netflix fosters a culture of continuous learning and community with the help of PlusPlus



Over 1,000 booked sessions annually

A team of 4 people are able to manage the learning programs for 12,000+ people

What were the key challenges?

As Netflix’s influence in the entertainment industry grew, so did its need for robust internal tools and platforms to support its growing workforce. The challenge was not only to manage the rollout of these tools but also to ensure that employees globally could access and understand them effectively. Traditional methods of training, including videos, slide decks, and e-learning courses, while useful, lacked the personalized touch necessary for deeper learning and community building.

What approach worked?

Netflix’s adoption of PlusPlus marked a turning point in its approach to employee training and development. PlusPlus provided a comprehensive hub for workshops, office hours, and onboarding tracks, allowing for a more nuanced and efficient learning experience. The platform’s LMS (Learning Management System) features enabled Netflix to consolidate its learning resources, migrating from previous systems like Docebo back to a unified PlusPlus environment.

Key features and implementation

1-on-1 coaching and mentorship

PlusPlus’s modules facilitated personal coaching and mentorship sessions, crucial for product rollout specialists at Netflix. The Ask-Us-Anything program, a notable initiative, allowed employees to book individual sessions with experts, fostering direct and impactful learning experiences.

Blended learning experiences

The combination of workshops, classes, and 1-on-1 sessions provided a holistic learning approach. While group sessions covered specific topics, the personalized sessions offered flexibility in learning styles and needs.

Feedback-driven content improvement

The interactions during Ask-Us-Anything sessions not only addressed immediate learning needs but also served as feedback for enhancing Netflix’s learning assets. Questions that arose in these sessions informed the team on areas to improve or expand in their educational content.

What were the results?

The integration of PlusPlus into Netflix’s learning ecosystem yielded significant benefits.

Over 1,000 sessions booked annually

The adoption of the Ask-Us-Anything program led to a high engagement rate, with over a thousand sessions booked yearly, reflecting its popularity and effectiveness.

Content immortalization

As a Netflix specialist noted, the creation of content on PlusPlus felt like building a lasting library of impactful resources, contributing to a sense of accomplishment and legacy.

Broader adoption across teams

The success of PlusPlus in learning and development led to its wider adoption across Netflix. Various teams utilized the platform for critical workflows like onboarding, orientation, and event management..

Enhanced human element in learning

In an era of remote and hybrid work, PlusPlus enabled Netflix to maintain the human connection in learning, pivotal for building relationships, collaboration, and a vibrant company culture.

Fostering a culture of continuous learning

Netflix’s partnership with PlusPlus shows how important learning platforms are in transforming employee development, particularly in large, globally dispersed organizations. By emphasizing personalized learning experiences and maintaining the human element in development, Netflix continues to nurture a culture of continuous learning and collaboration, key drivers of its ongoing success and industry leadership.