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PlusPlus the learning platform designed for dynamic, tech-forward organizations. With it you can:

  • Continuously codify internal best practices
  • Achieve productivity in less time
  • Automate all live learning and course enrollment
  • Track and report on what’s working
  • Integrate with tools you’re already using
  • Effectively turn in-house experts into L&D collaborators

    Built in partnership with leading companies

    Built-in best practices

    Why the platform works

    Surfaces expertise that’s already there

    Make it easy for your internal experts to share answers your org’s biggest questions and have it be easily discovered.

    Contextualizes how things get done

    Have new-hires get how your org works and how to work at your org. Share deep know-how around tools, systems, and best practices.

    Builds a resilient engineering culture

    Boost speed-to-productivity for new-hires and have them feel connected while providing a podium for internal experts to inspire growth.

    how plusplus helps

    What is Immersive Learning?

    Automate Workflows

    Smart Scheduling

    Automate cal invites, assignment due dates, and reminders so your people are always up-to-date.


    Reduce tool fatigue with integrated surveys, progress tracking, and reporting.

    Codify Knowledge

    Courses & CodeLabs

    Create, curate, and blend self-paced tutorials purpose built for productivity.

    Articles & Videos

    Upload all your reference docs for easy discovery.

    Practice Skills


    Share in-demand knowledge with focused live-training that new hires can use on the job right away.


    Reduce tool fatigue with integrated surveys, progress tracking, and reporting.

    Support In The Flow of Work

    Office Hours

    Keep teammates unblocked by offering bookable 15-minute sessions with your SMEs.

    Suggested Experts

    Rich profiles help with sharing ‘who knows what’ and cross-functional collaboration.